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  1. scottiemedic

    Installed 10.6.3 on Dell 1525, help to upgrade

    OK, thanks, one other thing. First reposter stated VooDooHDA if use get backup. Does that mean backup in same fashion or that I'll need an alternative? I do use voodoohda, just want to make sure it's compatible with .8. I see the end of the 10.6.8 tunnel and it tastes like schnozberries!! Thanks!!
  2. scottiemedic

    Installed 10.6.3 on Dell 1525, help to upgrade

    How do I backup the kexts, do I just rename the /Extra folder and tuck it away somewhere until needed (if needed)? Thanks!
  3. Ok, this is my first post and I've been doing a lot of reading and guides and upgrading info, but everytime I upgrade (trying to get to 10.6.8), something inevitably fails. So I thought I'd start over, get just my base system, then get some hints and tips about what avenue I should take. My system: Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop Intel Core2Duo T7250 at 2.00GHz 2x2gb DDR2 RAM Broadcom 9843x wifi (N and not stock card) Intel 2gb Turbo Memory mPCIe The dreaded X3100 graphics on a 965 chipset IDE BluRay/DVD-Rw SATA Seagate 750GB Momentus 7200RPM HDD I seem to have QE/CI working (can open Front Row and Chess) I have NOT placed a DSDT.aml file and am using the 'sleep trick' on boot up (I have a DSDT from when I tried this on 10.5.x 2 years ago. I have done a pmset hibernatemode 0 to prevent sleep I used iAtkos S3 v2 for the initial install, due to problems installing from SL DVD. I used these Options on install: Chameleon v2 RC5 USBBusFix EHCIacquire UHCIreset /Extra Directory fakesmc Disabler EVOreboot SleepEnabler USB patch AHCI SATA driver Voodoo PS/2 Voodoo Power EVO Speedstep Battery Card Reader TSC Sync Intel EFI String Natit (32 bit) GMA X3100 with Frambuffer (32 bit) Broadcom wireless What I'm looking to gain from the forum: About This Mac reports the CPU as 1.81GHz (even under load) Sleep doesn't work Want to get to 10.6.8 I am not HUGELY brilliant when it comes to OS X, but have played with Windows since 3.10, and am mainly doing this as a hobby and to play with programs like Aperture and Final Cut for photos/video of the family. I want to eventually get a MBP, but don't want to dish out 2Gs if the gains of photo/video aren't worth it. I can post whatever screenshots, files (might need help finding them) or whatever other info needed for everyone to help. I've tried the ###### upgrade path, nocyzek and a couple others that I can't remember right off hand (can find them if needed). What do you think, on a virgin system to get the best out of it? Should I go through upgrades individually (.4, .5, .6 etc) changing the sleep enabler and pmversion? Do I need to do anything special for my dsdt to make it 'more compatible' to the hardware I have (I had a base system when I put Leopard on it)? I'm an open book, up for suggestions... Thanks everyone!!
  4. OK, first time post. I've had my Dell 1525 running OS X for quite a while now. I originally had Leopard and made the jump to SL. It's been running great, dual booted with Windows 7. I got extremely busy and put off playing with my hackintosh for far too long, and want to get it back up to speed. I previously played with it, started getting KPs so I went back to what I had and put it off. Firstly, my hardware config: Inspiron 1525 running SL 10.6.6 Core2Duo T7250 (1.86GHz) 4GB DDR2 Seagate 5400rpm HDD (really need to change that!!) Dell 350 Bluetooth module (I think it's the 350) Intel 2GB flash cache module Broadcomm BCM94312 b/g/n adapter Good ole Intel graphics Loaded originally with iAtkos if memory serves me right, cause I couldn't get the Boot132 with original DVD method working. So the questions... I updated to 10.6.8, changed the PMVersion to 23 and got kernel panics. This is where I just reset back to 10.6.6 via Time Machine and didn't go much further. I see forum after forum of people that have tried PMVersion 0, different DSDT.aml files, etc etc. Is there a 'good' upgrade path to take to get to .6.8? Changing PMVersion, new DSDT, editing config files that are wrong? I'm hoping in my ignorance that I just have a bad config or DSDT or something that can be changed and then the correct PM parameters or whatever wrote. I'm hugely PC savvy, but very newb at Mac. This was originally a try to see if you can project that ended up being a 'I like OS X, maybe I need to get a real Mac' project! Secondly, I can't find good info about whether 3100 graphics are getting any success (QE/CI). I'm running at the right resolution for my Dell, but if it can be perfected with 3100, I want perfet I can answer or upload any files/info needed to get me pointed in the right direction. Since I am so young to OS X, I just don't know where to start. I don't need my hand held and spoon fed, but with my limited knowledge, every problem is a molehill to a mountain problem for me. I barely was able to get my hack running again after the 10.6.8 update/downgrade. I thought I was going to have to start from scratch. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Oh, and if/when I get it successfully updated, is it worth reading the tutorials to go to Lion? I've seen mixed reviews from the hackintosh and Apple community about Lion being a good, bad or indifferent upgrade. I'll shut up now, I've babbled long enough!! Thanks in advance!!
  5. scottiemedic

    GM965/X3100 thoughts

    Hi all. So, before I was running 10.5.6 updated to 10.5.8 and my X3100 was working great, proper resolution, QE/CI and the such. Now I'm running 10.6.3 installed from iAtkos S3 v2 because I couldn't get Boot 132 to boot properly with my Retail 10.6.3. I got the proper resolution working and it's showing up as an X3100 in Sys Profiler. It's makes no mention of QE/CI so I'm assuming that they are not working properly (even though transparency is working, Final Cut Express installed without issue). Firstly, how can I tell if QE/CI is not working, or if it is? Would it say in Profiler like it did in Leopard? Secondly, why can't I use the same kexts that I used in Leopard to get QE/CI up? Are there that many differences in kexts from 10.5 to 10.6? Or can they be modded to work with 10.6? In Windows talk, I knew it took very little to get a Vista driver Windows 7 compatible. Didn't know if OS X was similar in kext files. Thirdly, how long do I have to post in the noobs section before I can post in the real world? I have posted a couple other times and never got answers from the more knowledgeable, making me think they don't check this section for us noobs with the consistency they check the main forums... Just wondering Thanks...
  6. Hi all... I'm running 10.5.8 on a Dell 1525. I'm looking to upgrade my Broadcom 4300 b/g card to wireless n. I have an Atheros AR5008 series I ran under Windows/Ubuntu, but have been unsucessful in getting the kitty to recognize it. Does anyone know of any kexts or packages that I can D/L to try? OR What are some good N cards or series of cards to look into upgrading to? Currently, I have a Mini PCI-e card slot... Thanks!
  7. scottiemedic

    Hard drive size issues

    Nevermind... Admin, you can close this. I alleviated the problem by reinstalling off the iPC disc and using a Time Machine backup, reinstalled the kexts and other sundries, re-updated and am off to the races again... Hi all, noob here... I just got iPC 10.5.6 installed on a Dell 1525, updated to 10.5.8. Everything is running GREAT. I originally put it on an old 160gb drive that I knew had bad sectors, since this was only a test to play with OSX and decide if I want to buy a real Mac (I've used Windows since 3.10 and getting 'bored' with it). Now that I got it rocking how I want, I plan on doing what I originally Dellintoshed for, to play with Final Cut and iMovie for videos of my kiddo. I got a Seagate 500gb external, used Easeus Disk Copy 2.3 to clone my drive and swapped the drives out so the Seagate is now internal on my lappy, but now disk utility is still seeing the drive as the original 160gb drive. It shows 465gb total, but 149 usable. This is the output of 'diskutil list': 0: FDisk_partition_scheme 465.8 gig disk0 1: Apple_HFS MacOSXity 149.1 gig disk0s1 I've tried erasing volumes, merge volumes, etc etc but it keeps giving me errors in regards to cannot erase the boot volume and various other "you must be a stupid stupid Windows user and clueless about what you're doing" errors. Obviously, I could reinstall everything to the 500gig, but if I can reclaim the space, you can understand how that would be preferred. Any ideas on what I need to do? Do I need to erase free space in Disk Utility and then try and reclaim it? A little direction would be greatly appreciated... OH, another thing... I still have my original 160gb that I can hook up as USB and boot to it if needed...