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    Mac App Store in Lion GM not connecting.

    My network card is Realtek 8169, I use Lnx2Mac's kext. But... I can't make en0 buit-in. So how can I do this? UPD: Patched DSDT, App Store works, OS X does see network card as built-in.
  2. Gosha Arinich

    Strange kernel panic & troubles with ethernet

    Uh, lnx2mac's kext doesn't work for my RTL8169 UPD: Successfully installed Lnx2Mac Realtek kext. I needed to remove /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist
  3. Hey everybody! 2 days ago I installed OS X Lion GM on my PC. At all it does work correctly, but every 1-2 h appears "kernel panic message". Also, sometimes to get Ethernet working I have to reboot my computer several times. My ethernet card is Realtek 8169. And... sometimes, every 3-4th boot, I get kernel panics before login screen does appear. So is there a way to get ethernet working each time I boot PC, and some way to prevent kernel panics? Thanks. UPD: My PC is Core i3-550, ATI Radeon HD 5670, MSI H55M-E23