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  1. Ozmosis

    The only way it will work right now, is when you reinstall on your fusion drive(or raid)
  2. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Just installed it. Booting with apple logo+ progress bar. Was without logo before
  3. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Dp3 so far Nice And fast. Did an update from dp2 to 3. Everything Did just work. As in dp2.
  4. Ozmosis

    Dsdt must be loaded from /volumes/efi/efi/quo/acpi/load From first hd in bios! Not from boot hd !
  5. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    i can't get my dsdt to work. can some one help me to fix? thx ud5th_dsdt_ioreg.zip
  6. Ozmosis

    I just experienced, that using original fillesystem driver in bios will solve the problem of the growing list when we press F12 on boot. So instead of using enhancedfat use the original.
  7. Which boot loader do you prefer?

    Ozmosis rocks. I have ozmosis running with a gigabyte z87x-ud3h works like a charm. Even windows 8.1 booting standalone and thru parallels. Running osx 10.9.2 beta
  8. Ozmosis

    How do we find those?
  9. Ozmosis

    I'll try tonight. Busy working right now Saving from bios as I Told earlier. Then we don't need xtra tools. And don't have to have an install of Windows.
  10. Ozmosis

    Maybe we can get ui from z87, This way.
  11. Ozmosis

    I found a wat to get firmware file with needed nvram. This file can be modded without THE need of changing THE nvram everytime we flash THE bios. So at first a bios with nvram writing capability. Then we write THE needed nvram variables. THE we save THE bios with q-flash. Know we can mod This saved bios file for ozmosis. When we flash This. THE nvram is there. Tested iT And iT works. We can even save bios settings This way.
  12. Ozmosis

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/137-ozmosis-ud4hdsdt-1-3f2ffdzip/ Little update Is there somebody, who knows how to change THE nvram in the bios file. This could be verry usefull. Because we don't have to change our nvram manually from osx
  13. Ozmosis

  14. Version Ver 1.4


    Modded GB GA-Z77x-UD4H (F2f) bios With ozmosis patched DSDT EnhachedFat.ffs HfsPlus.ffs NTFS.ffs Kexts Included: FakeSMC (MacMini 6.2) Injector HDAEnabler1 IONetworkingFamily LPCSensors CPUSensors RealtekRTL81xx NVRAM Sticks(need to write Mac mini 6.2 info to nvram) Sleep is working USB 2 & 3 working With many thx for all the persons who made this possible.
  15. Ozmosis

    I've modded THE bios. IT works. ITS a full mod Added ozmosis. All needed kext And dsdt. Nvram sticks. Sleep is working. USB works.