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  1. same dude exactly 100% same prob help help i cant swim! nooooo buhgock>
  2. i7 Misreading

    osx86tools corrected the name of the processor but updating the kerenel didnt help. where exactly in the os does it signify whether i have a powerpc or an intel system. bc im still being seen as a ppc by microsoft silverlight. buhgock>
  3. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    osx86tools is great thanks. LoL CORRECTION even with the new kernel and osx86tools fixing the name of my processor for some reason some programs (microsoft silverlight) sees my comp as a powerpc.... no netflix streaming is pissing me off. anyways thanks. most helpful thread ive had o_O buhgock>
  4. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    what would be the correct way to upgrade the kernel on a retail vanilla install 10.5.6 ? p6t i7 buhgock>
  5. can we incorporate the new i7 compatible 9.7.0 Vanilla Kernel into this? What method could we use to install this? Im thinking this would work fine right? here or here The system.kext could just go into the extensions folder and then just correct permissions too right? thanks buhgock.
  6. i7 Misreading

    Any help at all guys? This is a legit issue because programs assume I have a PowerPC processor and not an intel. For example i cannot watch my netflix steaming videos because silverlight says that i have a powerpc and it only works with intel. So please gentlemen I know some of you know the trick but dont feel like typing. but come'annnn buhgock.
  7. i7 Misreading

    This is how the OS sees the processor. 10.5.6 Retail Hardware Overview: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac7,1 Processor Speed: 3.8 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache: 1 MB L3 Cache (per CPU): 8 MB Memory: 6 GB Bus Speed: 788 MHz Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B01 Serial Number: CK034KMHK5B I did a complete retail vanilla install using the boot 132 disc with the voodoo kernel. I followed the tut here for my mobo. Anyways followed it exact and everything is working perfect except for how my processor is seen. When I had iDeneb v1.4 it had the processor perfect. So how can I correct this error. My multi is 19, is that a possible cause? thanks digital buddies buhgock.
  8. your're picking the wrong drive it happened exactly the same for me. o_O buhgock.
  9. OSInstaller[134]: Finalizing Disk for OS Install Apr 22 19:24:38 localhost OSInstaller[134]: Unable to set 'buhgock' as boot disk Apr 22 19:24:38 localhost Unknown[69]: Could not set boot device property: 0xe00002c7 Apr 22 19:24:38 localhost OSInstaller[134]: Install failed: The Installer could not make the computer start up from the volume “buhgock”. You may need to select your disk using the Startup Disk utility. Apr 22 19:24:39 localhost OSInstaller[134]: Memory statistics for 'Install Failed' pane: Apr 22 19:24:39 localhost OSInstaller[134]: Physical Memory Allocation: 3386 MB wired, 6 MB trapped, 529 MB active, 334 MB inactive, 1889 MB free, 2752 MB usable, 6144 MB total Apr 22 19:25:10 localhost Unknown[69]: 2009-04-22 19:25 Mac OS X Installer[134] (CarbonCore.framework) FSEventStreamStart: ERROR: FSEvents_connect() => Unknown service name (1102) Apr 22 19:25:22 localhost OSInstaller[134]: installAutoFSMonitor: open failed Apr 22 19:25:24 localhost OSInstaller[134]: TaskLauncher::Launch Failed i7 920 sata hdd gpt Startup Disk Utility fixed that problem. Pretty much the whole install is perfect with 10.5.4 retail, but ive learned that the version of the retail disk matters. the only thing that is making it not perfect is the fact that my processor is unknown (i put my bus ratio at 19 for my oc if that might be why) Hardware Overview: Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac7,1 Processor Speed: 3.8 GHz Number Of Processors: 1 Total Number Of Cores: 4 L2 Cache: 1 MB L3 Cache (per CPU): 8 MB Memory: 6 GB Bus Speed: 800 MHz Boot ROM Version: IM71.007A.B01 Serial Number: CK034KMHK5B ive got all cores on +HT oc'ing @ 3.8 19*199 1595mhz ram buhgock.
  10. try with a different version retail. Its working with 10.5.4 to install except at the very end it says install failed like after the progress bar completed. Make sure ur sata slots are match correctly. bugock.
  11. What's up guys? How is everyone doing? Here da stuff i7 920 p6t deluxe v1 latest bios sata1 dvd # sata2 hdd # hd 2900 pro 6gb 400gb hdd gpt *_* os x 10.5.6 retail leopard so far this is what i know/found out -under cpu configuration i have everything disabled + 1 cpu --- I did this because the installation is faster and no more choppy lag loading. The extra cpu settings add too many variables may cause inconsistency. (Works the same with or without, its just without is faster!) -I have my dvd on sata 1 and hdd on sata 2 bc when i can disk1s3 it wouldnt boot and would remain at the infamous "waiting for root device" o_O ***According to disk utility the mac is seeing them backwards (BIOS shows SATA 1 DVD, SATA 2 HDD and OS X installer shows SATA 1 HDD, SATA 2 DVD) -iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 boots perfectly with all cores on +ht without any boot flags and installs without a sneeze (w/ oc & w/o oc). However I have to use the boot-132 iso after the install (reboots with vanilla and voodoo kernel from install dvd) but I can follow the retail guide and make it work perfectly ...buut since im a loser LawLz who likes doing things the hard way, lets move on it why i cant install retail.. **As for my problem (i think there may be a simple remedy), during initial os install I cannot unmount the partition that I am installing Leopard on. I cannot do it through disk utility & neither can the installer after the dvd disk verification and installation begins. I get: starting install...., prep volume..., consistency check...., etc etc "OSInstaller [125]: could not repair because of error Could not unmount disk" "OSInstaller [125]: Install failed: ..blah blah" I have search google, insanelymac, hackint0sh, and could not find anything with the same issue. ~_~ So internet friends.. will u teach me the ways of gangsterhood? buhgock.
  12. LaptopDisplay

    we have the same card. hopefully there a way
  13. LaptopDisplay

    i tired it with nvidiaEFI.kext and it just makes the computer freeze before it loads the desktop.
  14. LaptopDisplay

    okay, heres how it went down for me. I ran the display utility, pasted the first line properly did the process. Pasted the folder where you designated. Then I put in the new laptopdisplay.kext in as well. rebooted, and everything loaded fine. Found my display when i booted with -v. when i put it natit, i got a black screen with everything running in the background. but im wondering if we're going about this correctly. MacVidia manages to work just fine, but lacks QE/IC. Is there anyways to utilize and isolate what makes MacVidia work and put it into this project? thanks for all your work btw np_
  15. LaptopDisplay

    if you read the previous posts, ud find out. dumpedid would do that and also Phoenix EDID