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  1. 10.8.4 Betas Builds

    I don't know all the cards that have the issue, but I have a GTS 450 and GTX 480, and the 450 has the problem. I have a hack and have swapped the cards, and with the 450 it will crash occasionally because of the open GL timeout, so i run the 450 in my windows machine and 480 in the hack, although I'd like to swap if I could.
  2. 10.8.4 Betas Builds

    Any update on whether this fixes the openGL timeouts?
  3. If you go into the console can you find out what exactly is causing the crash?
  4. I have a hackintosh running ML 10.8.3 with a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard and an EVGA GTS 450 graphics card. The system works perfectly except that every once in a while I will get a random freeze ( NVDA(OpenGL): Channel timeout!) . I don't have this issue with my GTX 480, but I'd prefer to have the GTS in this hackintosh. Has there been any progress to solving this freeze either through editing kexts or some other file? As another question, I cannot get the AppleGraphicsPowerManagement kext to load, so I don't think any power states for the GPU are working- how can I get this to load? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just updated from 10.7.2 to 10.7.5 without much of hitch, but I have a couple issues and questions. First, the mac no longer wakes from the mouse or keyboard, and every time I have to press the power button the the computer and it wakes right up. My other question is with regards to graphics-- the latest update changed some kexts around and not sure what I have to change now to enable the best speed possible for nvidia graphics. Can anyone direct me to a thread or let me know what has to be changed? Thanks in advance. System: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R GTX480 i7-950
  6. ASUS WL-138g v2

    So I just got a 138G V2 card, and it was recognized and could find the networks OOTB. But when I try to connect to my link sys e4200 it is not finding the router and pulling an ip properly. I had another wireless card before that died so I don't know if there are remnants of that card that are causing the system to have issues... I am running 10.7.2. Could someone who has the card working please send me all kexts related to wireless (at least the IO80211Family.kext) and it would be preferable if you were running 10.7.1 or later. Any other suggestions to get the card working? UPDATE: I was able to find clean kexts online, deleted all the network-related preference information in library->Preferences->System Configuration and it now works. Only issue is that it's not nearly as fast as my wired connection, especially if I am not holding the antenna. Anything I can do to speed it up (software or hardware related)?
  7. With the slider far right with my GTX480 on 10.7.2, I get 15 hz. Does anyone have comparisons between 10.7.2, 10.7.3, and 10.7.4 (worried about updating and losing performance!)?
  8. i5-2500k, cpu scaling is working?

    If you go to the activity monitor and double click on the graph that shows the CPU usage, it will open a new window with a chart of all 4 cores. If you open multiple applications you should see multiple cores working.
  9. Wow what a machine you've got there!! I have a i7-950 Hackintosh with a GTX 480, but I'm pretty much getting the same FPS in Cinebench as a did with an old GTS 450 (about 32 fps)!! Can you direct me to any guides or tell me what changes you made to kexts to optimize performance? Thanks!
  10. Problems with the CPU

    Even in 32-bit it still should use both cores. In the activity monitor, what program/process is actually using the 90% of the cpu?
  11. Can't login to iCloud on 10.7.2 (11C57)

    Chameleon also has a fix for this so if you are using Chameleon, just upgrade to rev 1627.
  12. Email from Steve Jobs

    Seems like a fraudulent email to me. Who (esp Steve Jobs) starts off an email with "Hi, I'm Steve Jobs from Apple in California." And like Steve would personally inform you that you were using Lion on improper hardware. Fat chance...
  13. auto sleep on gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5

    I have a X58A-UD3R and had the same issue. I used this auto-sleep script and with a few tweaks it is perfect. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182535
  14. Well then there isn't an option that I know of. But in the calibration you can set the brightness to however high/low you want, so don't worry about it messing it up. And if it doesn't work, just click on your old settings.
  15. Just do the full (expert) calibration in the display panel in Lion. It doesn't take too long and it is geared towards consumers, and it helps tremendously.