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  1. Wow, I've been tring for days to get this working. I first tried it on my 10.4.6 install and it didn't work. Then tried it on my 10.4.5 install and it worked. No mouse tears, THANK YOU. Mousepose can only do so much. I also got 1600X1050 resolution on my new viewsonic VX2025wm. Here come the bad part, my mouse is invisible. I can't see it. Has anyone had this problem with this installer? If so, do you have a solution? I can't say Thanks enough!!! -RC
  2. Myzar Install and SSE3

    I'm in the same situation. Will it be faster if we replace the kernal with ss3 enabled?
  3. I've installed the patched 10.4.5 DVD. Everything works beautifully. Enough so that I formated my XP partition and I'm just running OSX. The problem comes in on mpg play back, and this only happens on quicktime player or imovie. It also happens when I'm capturing video in imovie from my dv camera through my firewire port. It looks like bad interference overlayed on top of the video stream. It's weird, I feel like i'm back in elemtary watching saturday morning cartoons on over the air tv. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. -RC Abit IC7 Max 3 1 gig PC4000 memory Chipset: Intel 875P Ati 9800pro