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  1. @cheneyveron @x.dl I didn't think the case user is using factory value. Sandybridge-EP cpus should use PikerAlpha's ssdt to get speed step correctly even though I am using modified cst and pss data with my factory ssdt-0.aml. I don't have any problem with dropping SCKn _STA. So I thought this could be the solution. My mistake. I agree this method could not be applicable for all users. By the way I hexeditted x.dl data to my dsdt and I got this.
  2. @cheneyveron Thanks for your finding to fix CPU0 panic. Finally I can boot into High Sierra installer usb with this finding. I really appreciate it. My system is Tyan S7050GM4NR motherboard that has C602 chipset + E5 2670 V1 x2 + AMD R9 280x. @x.dl In your patch you patched Store("CPUSCK0",CUU0) to Zeros. This makes our dstdt ugly. I have different patch. This patch is inside of Method (_STA, ,,,,,) in scope SCKx. This method is not part of our speed step because we are using PikerAlpha's ssdt. That makes we can disable this method using method name _STA to XSTA, for instance. This patch works both Sierra and High Sierra. I prefer clover dsdt patch because I want to remember what I did in my dsdt. Here is my patch. You need to modify hex numbers to fit your dsdt. dsdt code... Device (SCK0) { Name (_HID, "ACPI0004") // _HID: Hardware ID Name (_UID, "CPUSCK0") // _UID: Unique ID Name (SCKN, Zero) Name (LSTA, 0xFF) Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) // _STA: Status { Store ("CPUSCK0", CUU0) Store (PSTA (Zero), Local0) And (Local0, 0x03, Local1) Store (Local1, LSTA) Return (Local0) } Processor (C000, 0x00, 0x00000410, 0x06) { Name (_HID, "ACPI0007") // _HID: Hardware ID Name (_UID, "PCI0-CP000") // _UID: Unique ID Name (_PXM, Zero) // _PXM: Device Proximity Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) // _STA: Status { If (LEqual (CSTA (Zero, Zero), Zero)) { Return (Zero) } Else { Return (0x0F) } } } config.plist patch <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>make disable \_SB.SCK0 _STA to XSTA</string> <key>Find</key> <data> FChfU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMABDVVUw </data> <key>Replace</key> <data> FChYU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMABDVVUw </data> </dict> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>make disable \_SB.SCK1 _STA to XSTA</string> <key>Find</key> <data> FChfU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMQBDVVUx </data> <key>Replace</key> <data> FChYU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMQBDVVUx </data> </dict> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>make disable \_SB.SCK2 _STA to XSTA</string> <key>Find</key> <data> FClfU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMgBDVVUy </data> <key>Replace</key> <data> FClYU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMgBDVVUy </data> </dict> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>make disable \_SB.SCK3 _STA to XSTA</string> <key>Find</key> <data> FClfU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMwBDVVUz </data> <key>Replace</key> <data> FClYU1RBAHANQ1BVU0NLMwBDVVUz </data> </dict> This is the result of SCK0. But I have one more problem to finish High Sierra install. After copying all necessary files to HDD through install usb stick, I have encountered "the path /system/installation/packages/osinstall.mpkg appears to be missing" when restart. I tried HFS+ and apfs format. This problem happens both of them. I looked over the Pikeralpha's blog but I couldn't find the solution, though.
  3. It works great in OS X Sierra 10.1.25 and Xcode 8.3.3
  4. I think I am in the same boat. It might be CPU recognition problem. I am using dual Xeon E5 2670 and Tyan S7050 board like yours. Same kernel panic happens no matter what I tried all the time. Panic says that Panic (CPU0 caller 0xffffff1a9b3541 .... ) Here is the pic.
  5. ACPI: sleep states S4 S5

    @Pike R. Alpha Thanks for your advice. _PTS method you mentioned above is working as before. I still need to finish work on _WAK. I am reading _PTS and _WAK parts on ACPI specification 5.0 again. It has been long time so that I need to recall everything. You have been helped me the key point I should work on. Thanks again. I will keep post the progress here or your blog. I know where it is. Hopely I can do that.
  6. ACPI: sleep states S4 S5

    @Pike R. Alpha Thanks for your concern. I tried your advices today. The progress is followed. First, AppleRTC patch is already done with Clover boot-loader rtc patch. I don't think I need it. The problem with restart and shutdown is that computer can't boot up with this beep sound. The manual said that that beep sound results in memory error, which described No memory detected in the system. 6 memory banks is filled with 24 GB 12800 Ecc/Reg memory. Those are recognised by BIOS correctly. I have no idea. I will try this with Chameleon boot-loader later. Second, I changed 0x05 to 0x15 and rest of code in _PTS was untouched. I tried sleep. All fans of system, which are CPUS, chassis fans, even power supply fan, was off and power led was also off. I couldn't wake up system using usb mouse and keyboards. It looked like hibernated mode, I think. The only way to wake up the system was push the power button. All fans was on and on board LAN Power LED was still off but no signals from Graphic cards so that I couldn't see any thing from monitor. Third, replace all the code of _PTS with your code. Boot was O.K. and sleep was exactly the same as Second one, change 0x05 to 0x15. All the power and fans were gone and to wake up the system I need to use power button. And still no output from graphic card. A little progress, I think. One more thing. menu buttons of finder and safari was gone after changing sleep state S4 to S3.
  7. ACPI: sleep states S4 S5

    @Pike R. Alpha I applied your method to dsdt.aml which you mentioned above, delete GPRW and PRWP, and change Method (PRW to Name (_PRW. Guses what! half succeed? With Clover boot-loader booting was fine and all the information was correct. So I tried sleep button. Computer entered sleep mode , I mean all fans was shut down like normal sleep mode, about one second and then woke up right away. All the fans started spinning again and no monitor outputs... Hibernatemode was 3. I need to shut down computer. No time to look at the system.log Maybe motherboard doesn't support S3 states? dsdt of super micro X8DTL-i is almost same with X8DTL-6's dsdt.
  8. ACPI: sleep states S4 S5

    @Pike R. Alpha Thanks Pike R. Alpha. Name (_S3, package (0x04)) is working. I can see S3 in system.log file. System.log file shows "Apr 13 22:37:35 localhost kernel[0]: ACPI: sleep states S3 S4 S5". Now I am working on your next instruction. But I am a little confusing to delete Method GPRW and Name PRWP. Do I need to delete all GPRW and PRWP, right? and I need to change all the Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized) to Name (_PRW, Package (0x02)!I understand I need to change deepest sleep state S4 to S3. I will let you know what i have.
  9. ACPI: sleep states S4 S5

    @Pike R. Alpha I added SS3 code in my dsdt and reboot the system. No S3 showed up at system.log. It shows S4,S5 only. There is no S3(STR) option in Bios.
  10. ACPI: sleep states S4 S5

    I think I am in the same boat now. I just bought Supermicro X8DTL-i and have problem with restart, shutdown and sleep problem with clover boot loader, not tried with chameleon. Now I know chameleon doesn't work with this board. As you mentioned already, this motherboard supports only s4,s5 states. There is no S3 option in bios. One of my colleague is using Supermicro X8DAH + and he has no problem with sleep, shutdown and restart with chameleon but shutdown and restart problem with clover. That board supports S3 states. Do you have restart and shutdown problem? My computer can be shutdowned but when I turn on computer again computer wouldn't boot with large beeps. Restart too. I don't know why... I will try Chameleon boot loader..
  11. Autosleep-Script

    Thx, I will try and comment it soon.