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  1. Hey guys i need a little help with my Packard Bell Easynote r4622 i got it running Mac osx Tiger now but i would want leopard on it i have installed leopard before on a dell so i know how the installation works i already tried it somethime ago and it stops at loading buffers? my processor is 1,4Ghz so it would be enough right? my RAM memory is 768 MB so thats also oke i think audio is ac97 i know there are drivers for it so thats oke i dont need wifi only my internet card for LAN cable my video in tiger says : 64 mb and from intel and there is no kext loaded for it so that also wouldnt be a problem? could anybody help me with installing leopard on my laptop or say me if it isnt possible? i have Iatkos 10.5.1 and an iPC10.5.6 disc can i use that? or should i download another version pleese help i want leopard sooo much had enough of tiger... Grtz Mathijs
  2. Compaq Presario Cq70

    Hello if you dont have used i pc it aint so hard to download it search up at piratebay or google just search on iPC 10.5.6 torrent and you wil find one use an torrent downloader you will be having it within a day then burn ( i recommend ) IMGburner its very nice for making bootable discs then boot into iPC format your disc in the installer then go to next next ,,, then left from instal will be "Edit" click that then select the options needed for your qc70 just read very carefully what you are selecting if you dont know about that disc format search it up at youtube just search on how to install iPC 10.5.6 there are alot of video's on it . good luck Grtz Mathijs ( also bad english i'm from Holland xD)
  3. oke i already did it haha went very well 1st install worked! downloaden Jas 10.4.8 then burned with IMGburner (very nice for making bootable discs) used the same options as CptDodge did only having trouble with pressing FN and volume higher it gets stuck and keeps on going higher further installed firefox for browsing ( safari was old and giving page's wrong). anyone who also wants to do this ask me i will help you if needed Gtrz mathijs
  4. WHAAAAT !!! THATS AWESOME!!! i have exactly the same laptop and i have been trying getting os leopard on it but it gets stuck at loading buffers but i never thougt about tiger i should have tryed it! soo now i got an question. could you help me with my laptop installing it? like give me the things you used and tryed and when i also got mac on it maybe we could help eachother out some more with different things? have you perhaps read something about putting leopard on this laptop?because that would be awesome. pleese reply to me gtrz mathijs btw sorry for some bad english i'm from holland i can speek good english but typing isnt very good
  5. Installed Leopard on HP Pavilion zv6000

    hee guys im going to have an hp zv6000 soon and i'm going to instal mac osx right away when i get it but i came with some help. the things you need to make your screen settings so you can change is a correct driver of the videocard dont know if its there maybe there is a third party driver but you need that just like when windows xp doenst have a driver your stuck in 640*480 16bits resolution i had that and for the audio i should chek a AC97 driver that works on almost everything and network same story as the videocard search for an driver its hard to find but there wil be one that will work i would like to hear from some people how they installed mac on ther ZV6000 and wich drivers they have used extra. i have Ipc 10.5.6 and an I ATKOS 10.5.1 if somebody used that i would like to hear what they had done i never had luck with iatkos so i dont recomend it but ipc is real nice i think Grtz Mathijs