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  1. I have a couple Bose speakers for which I'd like to create an aggregate sound device. I've attempted this procedure in the past, with other speakers and mixed results. In this case, I have an older-model Bose Wave Radio with the USB dongle and a new Bose Revolve+ Soundlink cylinder. They are both within 20ft proximity of my MacPro, so there aren't signal issues involved. I've attempted using both the dongle and the Resolve+ as the clocking device, altering drift control appropriately -- most times, I just get one speaker working. At one point, I was getting sound delays where I'd hear music in one speaker, then the same beat on the next a skip/step later. That was fun. From my experience using this MIDI setup, I'm beginning to think it's buggy. However, it may be I just can't accomplish what I need to do here, though I cannot see why as they work fine individually and this is just an API abstraction underneath (presumably). I've looked online, followed directions, but I still can't get this working -- I wonder if anyone here has encountered this problem, or may have some useful pointers. Thanks!
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    Cisco VPN Question

    I've been running into the same problem. However, my snow leopard Network Connection is not working on the Mac, either on 32 bit or 64 bit. However, I am able to use the Cisco client on the 32bit Macbook Pro and it works fine. I'm guessing a bug may have been introduced during the latest round of patches. The 32 bit Macbook has been working for a long time, and no changes have been made. Anyone see this?