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  1. Clover General discussion

    You may try this tools HandyTools.zip
  2. Clover General discussion

    They just fixed it, try rev.2264
  3. HWSensors

    Hi Mozodojo, I installed IntelThermal and ACPISensors. On Lenovo G470 i5-2410M here I got: Did I install wrong plug-ins? Thanx..
  4. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    Finally, it works..Thanx Slice, you're the man!!
  5. FakeSMC + plugins SLICE branch

    it happens to me also, i5-2410M
  6. yea..same here, I got the same question..is it still possible to add any attachment?
  7. I got two BFC on my original DSDT, BFC0 under EmbeddedControl, and BFC1 under OperationRegion (OGNS, SystemMemory, 0xBCFBEF18, 0x14) Field (OGNS, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve) I converted BFC0 into 8-bit, n' left BFC1 untouched Field (ERAM, ByteAcc, Lock, Preserve) { //BFC0, 16, SFC0, 8, SFC1, 8, and changed this //Store (^^EC0.BFC0, BFC1) Store (B1B2 (^^EC0.SFC0, ^^EC0.SFC1), BFC1) I also converted some parameters under EmbeddedControl into 8-bit as Zprood suggested on post #1 I don't know whether it will work with your laptop, but it's working on my Lenovo G470. Anyway I'm still using voodooBattery, I haven't gotten time to check it using AppleACPIBatteryManager.
  8. I fixed my dsdt using Zprood suggestions, but now I'm using latest voodooBattery instead of using AppleACPIBatteryManager. Now battery percentage is displaying correctly. Patched dsdt allows me to use vanilla Lion AppleACPIPlatform instead of SnowLeo's AppleACPIPlatform. edit: I ran my laptop on battery for several mins, it's still showing 100%, I think I need to recheck my dsdt. I have fixed my DSDT, now it's running fine, I don't need to convert BFC1 into 8-bit for my Lenovo G470. I just need to convert some parameters under EmbeddedControl into 8-bit. I'm going to try AppleACPIBatteryManager later.
  9. Cool..now LID is okay. I need to press space bar to wake it up. It's a bit weird though, I just converted some codes into 8-bit codes but sleeping behavior is affected also. But thanx a lot..you're the man!!
  10. Now I can go into sleep if I choose sleep from menu n' wake it up by pressing space bar. Closing my laptop lid is not putting my laptop into sleep. Is it normal? Because I used to be able to put my laptop into sleep by closing lid. Thanx
  11. Ok, I've checked my dsdt n' now 'Condition: Replace Now' is gone. But now my laptop won't sleep (sleep was working fine before). Can you please take a look at my dsdt? Here I attached 2 version of my dsdt, without 8-bit batt patches and with 8-bit batt patches. Thanx Lenovo_G470_DSDT.zip
  12. Thanx mate, I have tried this on my Lenovo G470 n' I have patched my DSDT. Batt is showing alright, info n' percentage are all okay. But I got 'Condition: Replace Now', what do I have to check? Thanx
  13. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Now I'm running dual channel, with matched sticks, still I got this 'POST - Failed'. I don't think there's something in BIOS that I can change since some settings are locked by default. The reason I posted it here because I thought it was a bug. But thanx anyway, I will open a new thread in a correct section.
  14. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Thanx for your answer. I took 1 stick out n' now I'm running on single channel, but still, I got this 'POST - Failed'. I've tried my other memory but still, I got that 'POST - Failed'. I will try dual channel ASAP.
  15. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Hello there, I'm using 1670 and I got 'Power On Self-Test - Failed' and 4 slots of Ram (instead of 2) on my System Information. My notebook is Lenovo G470, i5-2410M intel HD3000 with 6GB RAM with Lion OS, I'm using MBP8,1 smbios.plist. Is it bootloader's bugs or did i miss something in installing MacOS? I attached the screen shots and bmesg. Thanx Screen_Shots___bdmesg.zip