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  1. As it's happening to a lot of people my notebook's discrete graphics is giving me all kind of issues. Back in november i removed all ati/amd kexts (at least i think it was all of them) and the computer worked just fine with the intel graphics card. So I gave the machine to my mother and she worked with it and had no troubles at all up until a week ago. Problem is that somebody/somehow updated mavericks to 10.9.2 and the ati kexts got loaded again, so all the issues came back. I removed all kexts again, the computer boots but it has several graphic glitches. Anybody knows which exact kexts do I have to remove? In other forums people talk about the AMDRadeonX2000 kext, but that one is not even there. There is a x3000 which i removed, plus a couple more, but I get the aforementioned glitches. I'll appreciate any help (besides the hammering suggest i saw in another post). Cheers Mario
  2. Hi, first of all.. Andy, thanks for the boot cd!! I am having this very same issue.. with the same motherboard p8p67LE. Haven't tried installing windows yet to see if it's a system issue. The noise is killing me, I have 3 hdd that are quite new, and even bought another one today thinking they could all be messed up, but even this one is making that noise. Also have the feeling they are being slow down, I moved up from a core2duo system and can't notice any speed / boot improvement at all. Both the old and new systems have 4gb of ram... Hope somebody can help us with this... definetely don't want to go back to the old system.
  3. Hello Andy, first of all, thank you for the andyboot cd, I have finally managed to get my hackintosh working in a p8p67 LE motherboard. I'm only having an issue, which is that the hdd makes a noise (as in old hdd's) when it's seeking. At first thought it was an issue of the hdd itself, despite it was brand new, so I reinstalled everything in a different hdd that I knew for sure it's ok, since it was the one being used in my other computer.. but I have the same issue going on here. Drives are working... but it's quite annoying to hear that, knowing that they shouldn't be doing it. Any advice? anybody has run into this too?
  4. Hi, first of all thank you :-) I was getting the same KP but was able to boot in safe mode. The new kext placed in Extra/extensions now allows me to see all my other hard drives in the native mode of the drive configuration of my motherboard (DG41RQ) but didn't stop the KP in normal boot. So I placed the kext in S/L/E but keep getting the same KP although now where it said Mac OS version: Not yet set, I have the 10A432 Os version. Trying to find the dsdt file right now, but spotlight is not working! Just a bit more info in case somebody can help me out: - MBR partition (couldn't get GUID to boot at all). - Hazard distro, because I couldn't get the Chamaleon/Retail to boot like I said before. - Chipset g41. - Can't see USB pendrive because setting in BIOS is to Legacy in order to be able to use the Chamaelon bootloader. - In the Extra/Extensions folder this is the only kext that I have. I'll appreciate if somebody can help me out with this.
  5. mpir

    Intel DG41RQ Compatible with MAC?

    Hi Robson, I would really appreciate if you can help me with the installation of this motherboard. I am able to do the whole installation process, but I never get to boot, always a message saying that there is no booting device for Leopard, or a stall in the Snow Leopard Hazard while booting. The hdd and dvd are both sata, and the hdd partition is GPT Thanks again, hope you (or anybody else that feels like chipin'in) can help me out.
  6. mpir

    Intel DG41TY working 10.5.6

    Hello. I am pretty much coming with the same rigs as you, I have had a d945gccr mobo for the past two and a half years, and works pretty much out of the box with the iAtkos distro. So I looked around and the closest one I found was the dg41ty for a processor and memory upgrade. Thing is that I am having a real hard time to get it to install, both with iAtkos 10.5.5 or iDeneb 10.5.6, they freeze during installation, don't even get to customization. so I wonder if you can help me out, maybe you did some previous setup in the bios? or installed a different distro (am trying to get XxX 10.5.6 now, but I doubt it's going to be the solution). Well, thanks for your time, and hope you can give me some clues with this. Mario
  7. Hi, I hope that somebody can help me with this. I have had TOH's RC2 installation running for well over a month, but last night I run into this problem. System was working fine, but when trying to download some files it gave me the message that there wasn¿t enough free space to create an image and download the file. The thing is that I had plenty of free space for such a small file, so I tried rebooting and see if it would work after that (noob solution, I know) but it kept giving me the same message, so I tried again the rebooting thing. But now it won't load the OSX at all, it gives me one of those reboot screen of death, so I rebooted again with -v option and this is what it says: "No mapping exists for frame pointer Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer (loads of addresses and code here) 0x7804bf08" I would really appreciate if anybody can help me with this, because I was pretty much using this for almost everything, and there is some info in there that I really need. Tiger doesn't see this partition either, although disk utility does, tried disk repair but didn't work Disk Utility from installation DVD doesn't see any partitions, it just sees the whole HDD Thx P.D. in case I can't recover this installation, how can I get back my address book and mails? I can access the partition in Windows using MacDrive.
  8. To avoid that kernel panic I did this: Press F8 repeatedly when the computer is loading up until reaching the black screen with booting options. Then type -f From then on it would normally load the OSX. Unfortunately, I had to do that every time the computer was restarted, never got around to fix it, but got used to it really fast because it was most of the time on. Hope it helps, now I'm going to start another thread, because after one month I am also having troubles with my installation : )
  9. Hello, first of all I want to thank all the people helping around here. Yesterday I posted in another thread regarding my 7600gt XFX video card, and later came around this thread. I tried following the instructions given here regarding the NVinject.kext, but when trying to setup permissions with terminal in sudo su mode I was denied to do so even though I was logged in as the administrator. So I decided to try with Natit and editing the Geforce.kext, NVDANV40HAL.kext and NVDAResman.kext manually like described, so now when booting with -f -v -legacy I am able to get my dual screen working (tried to do the same giving the NVinject.kext permissions manually but it didn't work either). And here is my question, is there a way to bypass the -f -v -legacy process when booting? I tried this too at the end when doing the NVinject.kext thing: sudo -s #Give it your account password for root cd /System/Library/Extensions chmod -R 755 * && chown -R root:wheel * cd .. rm -r Extensions.mkext kextcache -a i386 -e but was denied permission several times too with the commands again. Well, if anyone can help me it would be really great, because I want to do a fresh set-up in this new machine. The Tiger I am using was done in a different computer, and gets kinda slow from time to time. Thx
  10. mpir

    No QE/CI in Leopard with 7600GT

    Hi, I also have a 7600gt xfx video card, so I tried installing the nVidia patch suggested. I only ticked the 256 MB option (not the 8800 one) upon installation but when I put my video card back in the machine I get a kernel panic. By the way, I have an Intel d945 gccr motherboard. Any suggestion you can make? Thx in advance, and I'll keep looking... been after this all day long, even went back to Tiger and tried to update... no luck either....
  11. mpir

    What do you burn CD/DVDs with?

    Thx for your response, gonna give it a try to both programs. hdiutil has me curious, found this page, ( h**p://www.hmug.org/man/1/hdiutil.php ) hope it helps me, all this sudo chown -R, mount, etc, is a whole new world to me...
  12. mpir

    What do you burn CD/DVDs with?

    Don't want to start another thread, hope somebody can help me. I want to burn mixed audio cds from .cue and mp3 files, but can't find an application that handles them right, I did find one (forgot the name) but didn't work well because it left some glitches when changing from one track to the next. They were continued but it was like a second was skipped, completely annoying in this kind of cd. All the others I found ask for a .bin file instead the .mp3, so I tried changing the name both in the mp3 file, and in the reference inside the .cue file, but didn't fool the programs. Really appreciate any help. Thanks
  13. mpir

    OSX and Vista

    I have been searching to see if somebody else was having the same problem, but can't find any related threads. I have a g4 eMac (10.4.8), and installed Vista in my PC, the thing is that I can't get them to see each other files in the network. There was no problem at all with XP, now I can see the icons for the other computer on both platforms, but when trying to access them, there is always a log-in error that I was not getting when running XP. I am trying not to go back to XP, because I am having different problems after a week of installed or so, and it's not the first time that happened. And Vista is giving me different ones, but this one with the Mac is the most annoying of them all. If anybody can help me this....thx
  14. mpir

    File Sharing between Macs

    eire3678: I was having the same problem with the same card (different MOBO, Intel 915GEV) but with 10.4.8 Jas DVD with the ppf applied. I finally got it to work by making a clean installation from 10.4.6, and then, applying the 10.4.8 SSE3/SSE DVD WITHOUT the ppf applied. That is to say, from the previous DVD I had. Don't know if it works for you.....another note: doing it this way, I also have sound out from my sound-card. The GMA900 is also working, although it does take a bit of tweaking to get the CI/QE working, but I got my hands on a 7600GT card now, and thanks to Diabolik I don't even think about the on-board card. Hope it helps...cheers