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  1. "Waiting for root device" error

    i am using iatkos s3 v2 but i cant get it to boot (( will this help? Remove NVEnabler.kext from the extra folder on your chameleon bootloader. Sounds like you have it in there, try to boot your install with the least amount of kexts in extra as possible. Doing this will limit the amount of conflicts you face just installing the OS. Once you have Snow on there you can start the process of getting various devices to work. how can i remove it from the instalation?
  2. "Waiting for root device" error

    no help? ( i saw this,and need help on this one...this guy says "NForce SATA Controller, Fully working kext, tested and is know to work on the ASRock 939NF6G-VSTA" How can i put this kext when i cant boot the dvd to install?
  3. if i had money i would get that or maybe a mac,but this is all i can afford
  4. i have AMD cpu on my desktop pc and trying to install iAtkos s3 v2....i allready got the topic started but no help yet
  5. "Waiting for root device" error

    thanks for the fast response specs: cpu: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ 2.51GhZ mobo: as rock ALiveNF6P-VSTA Ram: ddr2 3gb @ 800mhz Hdd: ATA 160GB HDD & SATA 80gb HDD Video: nvidia geforce 9500 gt optical drive: sata dvd burner you need any more info? heres the image:
  6. Hi guys,im new to the forum,I had iatkos v7 installed on my acer aspire one d250 wich i sold for a desktop pc,now i want to install iatkos s3 v2 because i need mac os x to install logic so i can produce music.... My problem is that my mobo doesn't have AHCI mode...but there is still hope i think I have ATA 160GB HDD and SATA 80GB HDD and I also have a SATA DVD burner/reader wich has iAtkos s3 v2 burned on DVD RW... Everytime i try to boot with "-v" i get the message "waiting for root device" i don't know what else to do...i don't have a 8gb usb flash drive,so the only option is the dvd...can you please help me? p.s. there are no jumpers on sata hdd and ata hdd is on master! and i can get acces to a 40gb ide hdd,will this help? Thank you and i hope you will help a lot of people on this forum!