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  1. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    I tried with all ATI**.kext from a MacBook Pro (which has an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 like us) but it was unsuccessful. But if you can't see anything and if you don't have any other screens, after an ATIinject.kext modification, you can try to hold shift during all the boot process (since the grey apple to the login screen) to start in Safe Boot mode, generic display drivers are loaded and strangely there's no mouse tearing with them... If I delete Info.plist, I won't have any Internal display... Have you deleted any other ATI**.kext in Extensions folder ??
  2. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    so.. my card is detected as an ATI Radeon X1600 Mobility, I've got all spec in the System Profiler (QE & CI enabled, 256Mo ram, correct device ID and vendor ID). My card is well recognized, and I haven't got any pointers problems. But I still have a splitted screen in four. Have you deleted the others Radeon kext ? In the system profiler > Software > Extensions, I only have ATIRadeonX1000.kext, not the ATIInject whicj contains my EDID data...
  3. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    7. Repair Peri¡missions using the disk utility in Utilies in the Finder or typing in terminal: sudo diskutil repairpermissions / 8. In Terminal type: sudo chown -R root:wheel ATIinject.kext 9. In Terminal type: sudo chmod -R 755 ATIinject.kext 10. In Termina type: cd /System/Library sudo rm -rf Extensions.mkext Extensions.kextcache edit: owned... :-D
  4. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    I tried it again with PList Editor. I copy/paste my EDID data and it modified it as it wants ! I think it doesn't saved my modified Info.plist. With this, I get the screen cut in four part, each part was bigger than the last time... perhaps I'm on the good way.. I tried next with textedit, and I get a wonderfull blackscreen. I will try again and again until it works !!!
  5. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    I correctly entered my EDID but I will retry the operation, I don't verified the vendor ID and device ID. I used the Repair___Set_Permissions_1.0 tools to repair permissions. We're on the way. See you soon, Thibault
  6. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    I tried with this zip and it makes my screen splitted in four...
  7. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    humm.. sound interesting! can you also post IONDRVSupport.kext from 10.4.5 please? good news cheers, hope it will work for all our laptops! see ya
  8. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    Here are mine, if it can help. 00FFFFFF FFFFFF00 0DAF2615 00000000 09100103 80211578 0AC6A99A 574E8526 1E505200 00000101 01010101 01010101 01010101 0101BC1B 00A05020 17303020 36004BCF 10000018 000000FE 004E3135 3449322D 4C30320A 20200000 00FE0043 4D4F0A20 20202020 20202020 000000FE 004E3135 3449322D 4C30320A 20200088
  9. ATI Mobility X1600, X1700 and others

    very interesting post, I will follow it with a big attention. I have an Asus F3Ja too and I hope we can resolve this problem. I'll search in my own way and share to the community if I find something helpful. See you! Thibault