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  1. Any success stories for g31 based boards

    I had my PK5PL-VM running snowy for a while but had to give up due to my ATI 2600 card. I was successfull when I installed from my 10.5.7 OS and just patching Extra/Extensions with netkas' EFI 10.1 as bootloader. I didn't try the attansic L1 driver or figuring out audio as it seemed pointless without a video driver. It was stable with only the bare extras but as I was working on the 2600 it got very unstable. As well I downloaded snowosx 3.5 and gave 'er a go .. no dice .. KP immediately .. I think it might have something to do with boot_dfe .. Anyways I wouldn't call it a success but it did run in x64 and what apps I did try ran really fast, even faster than my MacBook ( but it is locked to a i386 kernel, for now??? ) My box is a C2D 8200, 4G, 500G HDD, ATI HD2600Pro + Firewire card Cheers speedbuggy