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  1. Thank you rednous, everything is working fine now after I used a new usb stick. I have installed n uninstalled so many times, maybe that has been the problem for the old usb install stick. I tried a few different guides but only yours boots into installation screen and it is fast. Thank you again. It still shows distorted apple logo 6~8 pieces stretched out when it starts. Do you have any idea?
  2. Hi rednous, Thank you for getting back to me. Actually your guide works when I used a different usb stick, I think the old usb install stick was something wrong. My problem is that I cannot use your config.plist so I used my own config.plist after the final install. It boots, then KP whenever I install network kext, audio, etc.. I don't have a lot of knowledge to fix this kind of things. Could you give me any suggestions? I know it is a different motherboard. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have a different motherboard, Asus Z97I-PLUS, i-7 4790k, HD4600, Corsair 1600. I tried your guide and I reached to the installation screen with a progress bar underneath the Apple logo, cursor turning into a spinning beachball in a second. I cannot get over this hump whatever I do. Even when I tried the different guides, I got the same results. Any suggestions?
  4. I am interested too. Sign me up.
  5. I just want single ethernet as it is with G5. And I think $60 is reasonable. Let me know your paypal A/C when it's ready. Thanks. jeffkck
  6. I'll commit to getting one. Let me know how if you are ready.