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  1. I have also got this launchd 255 error. Tried the things that are mentioned everywhere. Putting the kexts into the others folder and so on. Did not change a thing. Now I tried updating Clover to the newest version, and everything changed. Now launchd puts out many many errors (something with code signing), and is repeadetly starting over loading stuff. This goes on forever. So maybe this is the same error but with more detailed information...
  2. El Capitan Setup Detects Windows and aborts installation

    Well the integrated graphics are completely deactivated. There are no options in Bios to activate it. HP Support told me, that it is not possible to use integrated graphics together with Quadro Cards. So it is not really a optimus system. Wether Linux nor Windows detect anything regarding integrated graphics. Just the Quadro appears. Could be something somebody with DSDT Skills could Fix.
  3. El Capitan Setup Detects Windows and aborts installation

    It's a HP Zbook 15 with Intel 4700MQ, 32 GB RAM and a Quadro K2100M with 2gb graphics memory. Until now i have never managed to get the graphics adapter to work. If anyone has advices for me... Go on They are very welcome.
  4. El Capitan Setup Detects Windows and aborts installation

    I solved the Problem. First I deleted the hfs+ Partition under Windows and gave thwindows ntfs volume a label. When I rebooted the macos Installation it did not recognize the free space in diskutil. So i rebooted to Windows and formatted the free space to fat32. Now macos diskutil found the Partition sovi formatted it again to macos journaled and now the installation worked great great. The System is running, now i am trying to fix graphics
  5. Hello I messed up my dual Booting System with Mavericks and Windows. Now I wanted to resetup it with El Capitan. I made a Bootstick with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and added appleps2 kext. The Setup immediately booted perfectly on first try. But Now when I start the Setup it stops and says something like (it was in german so it is only my sloppy translation) "Mac OS X could not be installed, because the change to the Partition Table would prevent a Windows installation from booting" Well, who cares... I could fix that afterwards, and what change on the Partition Table is ment anyway? I left all Partitions as before. Just formatted the MacOS partition with Mac Journaled How can i get rid of this? should I clean the EFI partition? Kind Regards, Can
  6. HP ZBook 15 Graphics Problem

    No I never got it to work. And I never got a clear proof that Somebody did. If you figure out something, please Put it in this thread!
  7. HP ZBook 15 Graphics Problem

    I had a Talk with the HP Support, the bios automatically deactivates the infel graphics because it wont work with the 10bit dreamcolor display. So i don't get any further. If i have nvidia kexts loading the system will hang. On boot as described earlier. Any ideas?
  8. Problem updating Clover

    Hello I had a Version of Clover which bootet nice but without injecting the Graphicscard right. So I tried updating clover. Now I only get a black screen when loading clover... not even the boot menu shows. The log says following... Clover EFI installer log - Fri Oct 3 13:25:13 PDT 2014 Installer version: v2k r2939 EFI bootloader ====================================================== /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *750.2 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Microsoft Basic Data OnSet 749.9 GB disk0s2 /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *512.1 GB disk1 1: DE94BBA4-06D1-4D40-A16A-BFD50179D6AC 314.6 MB disk1s1 2: EFI NO NAME 104.9 MB disk1s2 3: Microsoft Reserved 134.2 MB disk1s3 4: Apple_HFS MacOS 137.4 GB disk1s4 5: Microsoft Basic Data 322.1 GB disk1s5 6: Microsoft Basic Data HP_TOOLS 2.1 GB disk1s6 7: Microsoft Basic Data 2.2 GB disk1s7 8: Microsoft Basic Data 47.7 GB disk1s8 ====================================================== Backing up EFI files Backing up stage2 file /Volumes/MacOS/EFIROOTDIR/boot to /Volumes/MacOS/EFI-Backups/r2877/2014-10-03-13h25/boot Backing up /Volumes/MacOS/EFIROOTDIR/EFI folder to /Volumes/MacOS/EFI-Backups/r2877/2014-10-03-13h25/EFI ====================================================== Installing BootSectors/BootLoader Stage 0 - Don't write any of boot0af, boot0md, boot0ss to / Stage 1 - Don't write any of boot1h2, boot1f32alt to / Stage 2 - Written boot6 (x64) to /Volumes/ESP/boot ====================================================== Installing RC Scripts Installing RC scripts on target volume '/' Theme 'BGM' (defined in config.plist) not found ! Using default theme 'applestyle' ====================================================== =========== Clover EFI Installation Finish =========== ====================================================== But i don't now what those stages mean... Can anyone explain what happened? EDIT: i just restored the backup the clover installer made. now I reinstalled the new clover version in custom mode and deactivated the video fix driver. Now the clover menu shows up again but when i want to boot mac os it halts after the ++++++++++++++++++++++ signs Edit 2: Now it works: also had to remove lowmemfix... now it boots again, but graphics still don't work for me... Anyone who knows how to inject a Quadrom K2100M ?
  9. HP ZBook 15 Graphics Problem

    I don't have intel graphics...
  10. HP ZBook 15 Graphics Problem

    Once I know my system better i will move to vanilla, niresh just was the first to boot correctly. Not so easy to make things bootable without a working mac os... I found some people in the net who tell that their quadro k2100m is working with nvidia web drivers... So it should work? It is a gk106 chip working on it...
  11. HP ZBook 15 Graphics Problem

    Hello, I have a new HP ZBook 15 with Intel I7 4700MQ, 32 Gigs Ram and a Quadro K2100M graphics Adapter with 2 Gigs VRAM, I succesfully installed Niresh with Clover on it and updated to 10.9.4. The only problem I have is that graphics don't really work. Booting normally no drivers load, so I am without acceleration and in 1024x768... The Graphics Adapter is shown as a HP Quadro K2100M with 3 Megs Vram... close... When I boot with NVDA_DRV=1, the NVDAGK100HAL kext loads during boot, but the the bootprocess stops afterwards. Sometimes the PCIPlatform loads before and sometimes after this kext... with same results. If I hit keys The sound works, and the hdd shows some activity. Does anyone have an idea how to go on? I already tried to inject a Quadro K2100M vbios and my correct EDID via Clover Configurator. But it does not change anything. I already tried an external screen connected via Displayport but this also did not change a thing. The internal Display is also connected via Displayport. How are NVCAP Values generated for Displayport setups?
  12. Problem boot Iatkos ML3U

    I am stuck with booting ML3U on my Elitebook 8540W Untouched I end with a blinking white Cursor After removing CsmVideoDxe-64.efi I get a black screen Then I removed Patch VBios from config.plist Now I get to the Clover Boot Menu When I boot normally I get a Black Screen Again. In Verbose Mode I saw that It stops after: Root Device UUID is : `...` ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ When I add the -x Flag the last lines are: Root Device UUID is : `...` loading drivers... .................................................................................................. ..............................................++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ what do this crosses mean? I did not find this error yet... Is there a more detailed log anywhere? Any Ideas? Regards, Can
  13. Hey on my Elitebook 8540w Notebook I have the problem of an undected internal Display... I found some old information, that manual injections of NVCAP information may help at those cases... I already extracted my graphic cards rom under windows an extracted the NVCAP value wich is 0400000000000700000000000000000700000000 with NVCAP maker und Mac OS X using my external display wich works perfect with full accelration. Now my question, how can I inject this information? I only found instructions with some old graphic enabling kexts... isnt there a way with graphics enabler=yes or something? Thank you!
  14. Also does not work with Mac Book Pro Sm Bios... But you think that there is a chance that when I patch the LVDS part it might get detected, anyway?
  15. Hey, I am running a HP Elitebook 8540 with NVIDIA Quadro 1800M and a Full HD 10bit per Channel Dreamcolor Display. It seems to be attached via an internal Display Port. I am trying to get my internal Display to work since years now. My Mac OS is running pretty fine, just updated to Mountain Lion, but the internal Screen is still black. If I attach an external Display it is recognized immediately and has full acceleration. Even CUDA works perfect. So the Graphics driver seems to run nice. I had the same problems in Linux but they where suddenly gone as NVidia released a new Driver. I once tried to force the right detection of the display via EDID Overrides, but this should not work, because no display is detected at all (not even something wrong). Has anybody of you experience with a similar problem? could there be a solution with DSDT patching? If yes i could need help with that, I never got my DSDT compiled right ... Thanks in advance... - Can