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  1. lockup at loginwindow.app - complete noob

    Hey there... thank you sooo sooo much:D it is up and running... so... it was a video problem... or aparently anyways... so... screen savers suck.. lol and i can open any kind of media player for right now:( so... if there is anyone that cn help me out it would be cool:D
  2. hey there guys... ok... so... i had attempted to se the jas osx and it wounldnt even boot off the dvd... so i got the Tubgirl version and it installed and was qute fast at installing... now... when it boots from the HDD t gets to loginwindow.app and freezes... now... i have no idea of what the heck to do from here or how to install anything else other then off the DVD... so... i am sorry to say i need a complete step by step guide on how to fix it and where to get whatever i need... Thanks again guys My system AMD atlhlon 64 3200+ Asrock AM2NF6G-VSTA 1 gig DDR2 800 seagate 200 gig IDE LG IDE dvd burner
  3. Cant even boot off DVD

    Thank you soooo much... i had tried verything to get this thing to boot from the jas and uphuck... i used the tubgirl and now it is booting now for the install... hopefully all goes well
  4. Cant even boot off DVD

    Hey there guys... I need some help getting OSX to intall on my PC... whenever i try and boot off the OSX DVD it will try and load the CPU stuff and crashes at the "Darwin Kernel version 8.8.1......" it dosent seem to matter what start option I use or what DVD image i use, i have tried Jas 10.4.8 and the uphuck 10.4.9. if anyone has anything that i could try it would be greatly appresiated. My system is: AMD Athlon 64 3200 Asrock AM2NF6G-VSTA 1 Gig ram Seagate ATA133 HDD LG ATA DVD burner Anything that i could try would be greatly appreciated Thanks Guys