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  1. My (2) USB 3 ports are now working: 1) USB 3 port on the right side (next to mic/headphones) 2) USB 3 port on the back (next to LAN port) All I did is installed OS-X-Generic-USB3 kext from RehabMan from this link from this section of the post "Update: For unsupported USB3 controllers (eg. not Intel, not Fresco Logic), you can try the latest GenericUSBXHCI.kext: https://github.com/R...-X-Generic-USB3" I think once USB 2 is configured, my Webcam & Bluetooth will also work from what I found out, since both are using USB.
  2. Most of features on my Dell Vostro 3450 are working (WiFi, LAN, Audio, Trackpad, Sleep, Battery) However, none of my USB ports are working. Anyone got USB working on Dell Vostro 3450 See attached screenshot of DPCIManager (PCI List) USB 2.0 (Intel 6 Series/C200 Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller) USB 3.0 Host Controller (NEC Corporation)
  3. El Capitan HD

    Fixed above error by modifying: config.plist/SMBIOS/Trust=true, and by specifying memory configuration in config.plist/SMBIOS/Memory
  4. El Capitan HD

    I get this error after clover menu: "panic (cpu_0 caller 0xffffff801711ca46): "zone_init: kmem_suballoc failed"@/Library/caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/xnu/xnu-3248.40.184/osfmk" Any idea what this might be and how to troubleshoot?
  5. El Capitan HD

    I installed Post Installer with Clover Legacy & HSFPlus Legacy.
  6. El Capitan HD

    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 (FD rev 2.0) | Core i7 950 | 24GB DDR3-1600 | Apple ATIRadeonHD 5770 1024 MB | (El Capitan 10.11.4)
  7. El Capitan HD

    I think I have issue with config.plist and memory. As soon as I select Boot MAC OS X from Macintosh-HD this is the error: "suballoc failed /library/caches/com.apple.xbs/soures/xnu/xnu-3" and computer restarts quickly. Attached is my config.plist config-plist.txt
  8. El Capitan HD

    Good night!
  9. El Capitan HD

    That worked. Thank you very much. Installation has started successfully.
  10. El Capitan HD

    I have same problem with 2nd usb port
  11. El Capitan HD

    Chris thanks for quick response. I rebooted 2x, same issue, I don't see the list of disks to choose from. Any suggestions?
  12. El Capitan HD

    I have issue with installer (see attached), unable to select SSD disk. I connected SSD disk via USB. I'm using installer on 10.11.6 system, downloaded version of Install OS X El Capitan is 10.11.4 In the video, version is older 10.11.2, is this possible to install with newer versions.
  13. For 5.0ghz, BT, handoff Installation Kext/binary patch Download (View Raw) wireless_bcm94352-110-v4.0.command.zip Double click Downloads/wireless_bcm94352-11-v4.0.command Select patch: Patch: 2 Handoff/BCM94352/US-FCC Patch: 3 Handoff/BCM94352/Country Code Im in the US, so I chose patch 2, and when it said complete, I restarted, done. Credit:Toleda Thanks for these steps! My WiFi was working before I tried above command (patch 2), I don't see bluetooth anywhere. Any ideas?