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    Input Remapper 1.0.01 Beta

    Thanks for the great programme. I'm running Windows Vista on a Macbook with input remapper. System crashed twice during the 1-week use, but maybe something wrong with Symantec Antivirus. May suggest in the future could input remapper support a function of switching off the LCD after a certain free time for macbook. Currently there's no driver for macbook to support these ACPI function. If input remapper could do this will be great. Eg. switch off the LCD 5 minutes if there's no one using the labtop. Also, may I ask is that possible to make F1 to F12 keys work directly without pressing Fn key, just like what they do under OSX. I tried to find out this function in input remapper settings. No relavent settings were found in the current version. Thank you again for the great programme.