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  1. New PC and OSX86 Disc

    Hi guys, I'm having problems booting into my iAtkos Boot CD, I insert the disc, reboot my PC and then boot into the disc, I get the grey screen with the apple logo for about 3 seconds then my PC just reboots, does the same thing with my iDeneb version and my Tiger disc, anyone know why this might be happening?
  2. Radeon 2400 Pro

    I finally managed to find a driver which when installed now allows me to change my screen resolution, I do not however have QE/CI, anyone know why?
  3. Radeon 2400 Pro

    Probably a long shot even asking about this due to the age of the OS but here goes anyway. Ok so I have a Radeon 2400 Pro graphics card, I also have the drivers for it for Leopard and they work flawlessly, however the same drivers do not work at all for Tiger, the .pkg with the drivers in it does not install and when I manually extract the .kext to my PC it no longer boots (Cross through apple), I have tried googling for all sorts of fixes but I cannot find any info on getting this card to work with tiger, can anyone here provide any insight on if this card will work and if so can anyone tell me how to get it to work? cheers
  4. Ok so Safari works fine to start with but as soon as I start visiting more websites and opening 2-3 tabs it just kills my internet connection, Safari doesn't crash it just takes my connection down, I then have to close Safari and wait a few minutes before my connection comes back again. I also use Firefox and have never had this problem once while using it, anyone know what's wrong here?
  5. Boot into OSX Backup

    Ok so when I used to own a Macbook I made a backup of the HD to an external HD using CarbonCopy, I would now like to boot into this backup on my PC, could someone tell me if this is possible?
  6. Install OSX with Restore Discs

    Fair enough lol, ok then would it be possible to backup my existing installed copy of OS X that's on my Macbook and then restore that copy of OS X using the disk utility on my PC?
  7. Ok so I found out that it is possible to isntall OSX on my PC using a retail disc, anyway, I was going to use the 2 discs that came with my Macbook, I have now learned that these 2 discs are only restore discs and when I try to install OSX using these discs I get the error message "Max os x cannot be installed on this computer" after I have chosen my language at the beginning of the setup and i can't go any further, so my question is, is it possible to install OS X on my PC using these 2 legit restore discs?
  8. Yes, to remove any other applications such as the one you mentioned simply drag the icon from the applications folder into the recycle bin and then empty the recycle bin by right clicking on it and selecting the appropriate option
  9. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    That would be why then
  10. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    Shame there's no Installer.app, i have no idea how to use cydia lol, reminds me of the synaptic manager in ubuntu and i hated that too No it works fine i have just done it on my hackintosh a few minutes ago
  11. USB Dell Mouse

    Never-mind i found a fix for it
  12. USB Dell Mouse

    Ok this is only a very minor problem but it's driving me nuts lol, it's my mouse, when im doing bug movements (other side of the screen or dragging and dropping) all is fine but when i need to do smaller movements like picking a bookmark or highlighting text the cursor feels VERY stiff and it moves really slowly, so i was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix this?
  13. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Ok thanks, i thought i might of had to buy an adapter but ill see if i can find my VGA to VGA cable instead
  14. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Hi, are you connecting your monitor with just a VGA to VGA cable then or are you using the convertor?