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  1. So when I go into Dashboard for the "first" time (sleep wake up, power on, or just when I haven't clicked on it in a long time) some of the graphics get messed up and sometimes the widget won't function correctly until I either click or mouse over it, or remove it and re-add it (see attached picture). A re-installation of Dashboard from the OS X disk did not fix it. Help would be fantastic! I have graphics fully enabled and everything else works perfectly. More information can be provided upon request.
  2. momavujisic

    Broken Dashboard graphics, please help!

    Oops, I seem to have posted this in Lion by mistake, it was meant to be in Snow Leopard... Safari works just fine, and yes I have graphics fully enabled with QE/CI.
  3. Whenever I wake my computer from sleep or power it on and load Dashboard, some items appear broken and do not work until I mouse over them or completely remove them and re-add them (see pic for details). Any idea on what could be causing this? Did not play around with any Dashboard files. Any information can be provided, just ask! Thanks!
  4. momavujisic

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I have the newest graphic drivers and I'm using iMac 12,2. However, it seems I'm stuck on iMac 12,2. Using smbios for any MacPro gives me problems on boot. Also, has anyone been able to enable power management on the GTX 470? Mine runs at 40% fan speed all the time (which is fine noisewise) but I am worried a little about the temperatures. Because whenever I boot into Windows my eVGA Precision turns on and kicks the fans up cause my card is in the 60-70C range after being used by OS X.
  5. momavujisic

    Monitoring NVIDIA temperatures...

    Put that FakeSMC and NVClockX in /E/E/, now I got no temps except for HD temp. Is there a special place NVClockX is supposed to go?
  6. momavujisic

    Monitoring NVIDIA temperatures...

    Been reading around about SMC Monitor, FakeSMC, and some plugins. But the more I read the more I get confused! I have an eVGA GTX 470 and I want to get temperature readings on it. Currently, iStat and SMC Monitor give no readings for my GPU. I have FakeSMC installed. I am on OS X 10.6.7. Using a modified DSDT and enabled graphics via DSDT. Anyone wanna give this noob a hand in getting GPU temperature readings? Or at least point me towards a guide? Thanks.
  7. momavujisic

    SMC Monitor

    Just got a question, just downloaded SMCMonitor however it won't display my GPU temp. I have a GTX 470. Installed using DSDT and enabled graphics via DSDT as well. How do I get it to display my GPU temp?
  8. momavujisic

    Cards that work OOTB

    9800GT 1GB (nvidia reference version) works right away. If it doesn't work then you might need to grab NVenabler.kext Also ASUS GeForce 8400GS 512MB works.
  9. momavujisic

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Just curious, which System Identifier are you using (ex. Mac Pro 3.1)
  10. momavujisic

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Hey guys, I've been getting pretty bad UI lag in OS X with my GTX 470. It's probably cause OS X downclocks the card when it's not being used (if I open iTunes visulaizor, everything is smooth). I heard it has something to do with AGPM and I was redirected to this thread. Can anyone help me out? Installed using a DSDT, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], tonymac's nvidia drivers, and using the Chimera bootloader.
  11. momavujisic

    BAD Performance + LAG on GTX 470

    I was lucky enough to receive back a GTX 470 after I RMAd my Fermi Freeze struck GTX 460. However one problem is still persisting namely being, overall laggy performance. All my parts are recognized and I have QE/CI enabled (ripple in Dashboard). Used a DSDT. Using Mac Pro 3,1. I am getting very bad lag everywhere. Animations, expose, windows, dashboard. Everything lags and it's not fluid at all. For example, right now if I ran my mouse through my Dock the magnification effect would be very laggy. If I opened Dashboard or used Expose or Spaces the animations and transitions would be very laggy as well. This is very annoying! So if anyone has any suggestions or tips as to what to do please let me know!! Also for other GTX 470 owners can you please tell me how you setup your Hackintosh and maybe post your Novabench scores? I can provide Novabench scores if anyone wants them... Parts: intel i5 760 quad core 2.8ghz evga gtx 470 1.2gb gigabtye p55aud3 rev 1 f11 8gb corsair xms3 1333mhz
  12. momavujisic

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Hey, anyone have any lag with their GTX 4xx cards? I get general lag (pretty annoying) with a lot of things; dock magnification, expose, dashboard, ect. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I heard it has something to with editing AGPM.kext... Any guides?
  13. momavujisic

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    LOL, got a GTX470 back from eVGA when I RMAd my GTX460. Lucky. Any guides on getting HDMI + DVI working at the same time on the 470?
  14. momavujisic

    HELP! Ignoring HDMI on GTX 470?

    Heh, I guess that's that. Dammit, oh well.... Is there any fixes regarding HDMI with OS X or should I get used to unplugging and replugging in an HDMI cable Thanks!
  15. momavujisic

    HELP! Ignoring HDMI on GTX 470?

    So I have an eVGA GTX 470 working perfectly in OS X and Windows 7. In Windows 7 I have it configured to use the HDMI port (for games). In OS X I want to use the DVI port so I can use my monitors native 2560x1440. When I boot up my Hackintosh I make sure my monitor is on DVI, and the screen loads up and I get the grey Apple loading screen but then my monitor goes black. I believe this is caused by the HDMI (DVI works perfectly alone). So is there anyway I can force HDMI to be ignored by OS X or at least get HDMI working so I can make my GPU use DVI only in OS X?