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  1. Good man. It's like taking care of your old close-to-dead grandma. There might not be a lot of value left there, but you just can't leave it to die.
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my guardian angel is gone. Get a MBP. No question. Not even the shadow of a doubt.
  3. Thanks man. I'll do an upgrade later this month probably. I think I'll be sticking with Snow Leopard. On a more important note - my M1530 isn't able to tell when the battery is low so I'll be using it and all of a sudden - poof! It'll just go kaput. I'm pretty sure it's what is causing bad sectors on my HDD and slowly causing it to fail, so I need to put a stop to it. Would you happen to know of how I can start fixing that issue?
  4. Hooray you're alive! I'll have to update to Lion eventually... anyway for 10.6.8 where is this new DSDT you're talking about? I can't remember the procedures for updating a DSDT - is there anything special you have to do aside from replace the file?
  5. Hey guys. My OSX install is consistently unable to judge the state of my battery percentage. It gives me incorrect numbers (40% when it's really close to 0.. 5% when its almost fully charged). It wouldn't be that big a worry except.. It shuts off without any warning. In the middle of working, of the HDD spinning, of anything - it'll just go kaput. I didn't care too much before I realized that it's slowly causing bad sectors in my hard drive. I'm purchasing a new one soon, and I'd rather not screw up that one as well. I'm not even sure how to begin fixing this problem though. Any ideas? Thanks! Edit:// By the way, acceptable solutions would be to get it to standby before it powers off, or just be able to give me an accurate read on the battery so I can plug in or manually go into standby.
  6. Fixed it! SeaTools wasn't working off the bootable for some reason, but a program called HDD Regenerator did the trick. It went through and fixed about 160 bad sectors. Restarted the thing and booted right into OSX. Suhweet.
  7. I ran SeaTools and I'm failing almost every disk test. Does that mean I just need to get a new drive?
  8. Yeah I've dropped it a couple times recently, I wouldn't be surprised. It's odd that my Windows partition runs smoothly though, it's only the Mac side that's screwed up. Likely because I was booted into Mac when I dropped it. How do I check for surface errors with TestDisk? From its options it looks like it's just a partition recovery tool.
  9. I finally got into Disk Utility. I ran Repair Disk and Repair Disk Permissions, but it still gets stuck. Here's a shot:
  10. I must be really stupid or I'm missing something. When I stick my retail SL disc in there, Chameleon doesn't detect it or see it at all. What's the problem here?
  11. Out of the blue, out of nowhere, my beautiful, stable hackintosh (on a Dell M1530, running 10.6.7) started getting stuck on the big grey Mac loading screen. Verbose mode revealed that after the message "Waiting for DSMOS", the thing was then just repeating the message "disk0s3: I/O error" over and over again. Booting into safe mode didn't work. Booting into single user mode and trying to use fcsk didn't work. I read here to try "sudo chown root:admin /", but that didn't do anything and instead just said "chown: read only" or something similar. Any ideas? I really have no idea why it broke down, I don't remember installing any updates or changing any kexts. Vexir
  12. Actually putting it on 0 looks the best. It's the cleanest look, but its not much better. I'd really like it to be clear text. Bugs the hell out of me.