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  1. You are totally right. I left the Clover DSDT Patches in the ACPI section patches from a config i found for a high sierra installation of a Z420. They have no meaning in both contexts, because there are HDAS, EHC1 & 2 devices in the DSDT. Important are just the renames to EH01 & 02 for USBinjectall and those are the same you have in your config. I´m editing the DSDT at the moment and will try again tomorrow morning with your basic config.
  2. I changed things from your guide because i wanted to install sierra and the el capitan files didn´t work for me. "other" folder: I usually put kext into this folder. Clover loads kext´s from that folder no matter which osx version you use. I´ve never experienced any issue with it. Whatevergreen & Lilu Kext is they way to get AMD RX Cards to work properly. There´s just one other way but you need to edit the dsdt for it and i usually do that as a part of the post installation process. I though it was the USB problem myself but i copied my folder to an HD and the problem persisted. Anyways, thanks a lot for your thoughts and I´ll start over again ...
  3. I´m triying to install sierra 12.6 to my Z820 and i always got stuck at the same point. No matter if i boot from USB or if I try to boot via another HD (i copied my EFI to it before), the result is always the same. I got stuck at the stop sign. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? EFI Z820.zip
  4. Hi, I have a very strange thing going on and i can´t find a solution. I´m running the Asus X99A II. Everything is fine but after I updated my BIOS from 1504 to 1701 I lost one of the USB 2 controllers. Namely EH01 is not working anymore. It´s probably DSDT related because with my 1504 DSDT it still works. I attached both DSDT versions + System Report- PCI Pics. They clearly show the problem. Would be great if someone finds the problem. It´s already the 3rd machine where i see this mistake. Archive.zip
  5. Rx480 on 10.12.4

    If you have full acceleration it works. Additionally check those pictures i attached. Archive.rar
  6. Rx480 on 10.12.4

    Helper Card necessary, I tried to upload the plist, but I could not find an option to do that... Tell me how and you'll have it Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  7. Rx480 on 10.12.4

    I found this Terminal patches @macrumors. Together with the Clover edits they lead to fully working card. Card is recognised properly, 36 CUs are working, HDMI-Audio (since 12.4) Kextpatch via: sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/AMDRadeonX4100.kext/Contents/Info.plist # add 0x67DF1002 to IOPCIMatch sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/AMD9510Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist # add 0x67DF1002 to IOPCIMatch sudo LC_ALL=C /usr/bin/sed -i '.bk' 's@AMD R9 xxx@AMD RX 480@g' /System/Library/Extensions/AMD9510Controller.kext/Contents/MacOS/AMD9510Controller ; sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMD9510Controller.kext/Contents/MacOS/AMD9510Controller.bk ~/tmp/ Repair/ rebuild permissions/ cache e.g. via: sudo /Applications/Kext\ Utility.app/Contents/MacOS/Kext\ Utility # wait a few minutes until it is probably finished, then control-c sudo reboot Clover patches: ACPI -> Fix_Display Devices -> Fake ID 0x67DF1002 KextsToPatch -> 3 x AMDRadeonX4100 patches Name AMDRadeonX4100 Find 48b80200 00000100 00004889 4354c743 7c080000 00 Replace 48b80400 00000100 00004889 4354c743 7c120000 00 Comment Change_#_of_RX4x0_CUs-©_by_okrasit_2016 MatchOS 10.12.x Name AMDRadeonX4100 Find 0f42c889 8b800000 004488b3 99000000 44887320 Replace 90909089 8b800000 004488b3 99000000 44887320 Comment Remove_CU_limit_of_RX4x0-©_by_okrasit_2016 MatchOS 10.12.x Name AMDRadeonX4100 Find e84985fe ffbe4801 00004c89 f7 Replace e846e400 00be4801 00004c89 f7 Comment Change_init_from_BAFFIN_to_ELLESMERE-©_by_Fl0r!an_2016 MatchOS 10.12.x
  8. Rx480 on 10.12.4

    Where did you add 0xFF? You you explain that a little bit more detailed? Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  9. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    I just need to enter it during the installation process, after installing chimera it isn´t necessary anymore... if you still need it add it to org.chameleon.boot.plist...
  10. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    @ bungo: your dsdt is working fine for my machine, didn´t get your fixes apllied to my own one without compilation errors, so i tried yours, works nice, but i can´t see battery status it´s just crossed and shows no battery at all... i also installed the AppleACPIBatteryManager to SLE, no success... what is the purpose of the legacy kext ? got it... installed 10.6.8 appleacpiplatform kext to sle... nice one !!
  11. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    write PCIRootUID=0 got the same problem
  12. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    smart scroll, but there is also a new version available... apart from that all stuff i use works well...
  13. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    just a report: installed LION GM today according to the usb stick method tutorial available in this forum (without extra folder and chameleon on USB stick).... works flawlessly as an update, i just installed lion over my 10.6.8 partition... no need to reinstall chameleon or any other programm apart from little snitch (nightbuild)... just need to install again: - moded applehda + ioaudio kext from this thread, - new voodoobattery from kexts.com thats it, so far no problems...
  14. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    you need to install chameleon bootloader or any other working bootloader to get rid of [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] bootcd...
  15. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    no problems for me just applied the modified applehda and the other kext, into the package from jose33 (forgot the name at the moment)... I ised the automatic update version, not the combo update...