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  1. ACPI table not found: DSDT.aml

    Thanks! But now it says i don't have SSDT file.. How do I get that? >.< Thx!
  2. ACPI table not found: DSDT.aml

    Sure! Well, it wouldn't let me attach so here it is: http://goo.gl/pnGmy
  3. ACPI table not found: DSDT.aml

    So hey! I'm having this problem and I don't know more what to do... I installed without problems OSX 10.6.6 but I can't boot it because it says I don't have a DSDT.aml file. Ok. But I think I tried everything and I can't get the DSDT.aml.... I alredy tried compiling it on Windows and on Ubuntu, downloaded a bunch of iasl and all gave the same result. I already got the DSDT.dsl from Windows and Ubuntu too. But every time I try to compile it I get a empty .aml file and exactly 201 error on terminal/cmd. Am I doing something wrong? Thx!! -Derik
  4. UP.. I'll have to give up?
  5. Couldn't you guys just compile it for me? Wouldn't that solve the problem?
  6. Same thing.. I decompile it to a .dsl file and when I compile it i get an empty .aml file and an incomplete .hex file and 201 errors on Terminal. Please help me out here =( Derik
  7. Yeah I did the compilation again and noticed that I get 201 errors (all "Object is not accessible from this scope" errors) and my Terminal fills with errors. Also the file again has 0 bytes. So what should i do? Can a fix this Object not accessible or should i try it from windows - in this case, how i do it? Thanks! EDIT: I did that and Everest gave me a .bin file... Is that correct? Thx!
  8. OK! So, i managed to put the file on the Mac partition (with "Paragon Hard Disk Manager", MacDrive wouldn't see the partition) and I think it worked, because now i get other error Now I get "Memory allocation error! Addr=0xdeadbeef, Size=0x0, File=pci_root.c, Line=88" IMAGE: http://goo.gl/JaJXv Thanks again for all that are trying to help and I'm waiting for a reply =)
  9. Thanks for the reply. I already managed to get the file... Now i need to put it on the Mac partition from Windows or Ubuntu and i can't find a program to do that. Already tried 3 programs and 2 failed to see the partition and one was only able to read it. No one knows a program to do that? (Write on Mac partition from Windows or Ubuntu) Thanks
  10. Wow thank you, now i got the dsdt.dsl file and apparently it will work. Gonna give it a try and then post the results! EDIT: I got the file but really don't know where and how to put it. Help here? ^.^
  11. Thx for the reply. But it won't install. I've a Phenom II and this is i368.
  12. Again, thanks for the help! Well, I'm not 100% sure it is empty, but when i try to decompile it, it says "Could not get table from the file" and also the file has 0 bytes. SPECS: Phenom II X4 965 Crosshair IV Formula 4GB Corsair Dominator-GT 1600 ATI HD 5770 HD Barracuda 7200.11 1,5TB Seagate 700W OCZ ModXStreamPro I'm using SL 10.6.6i by Hazard (is that what you asked? xD) And after the installation is complete i do nothing '-' I just hit "OK" for the reboot and it never gets to boot again.. Thx again Derik
  13. Thx again for the help! BUT it didn't worked.. It says there is no such file and generates an empty dsdt.aml on desktop. What should i do? Derik
  14. Hi! Thanks for the reply! But it has to be on Ubuntu? I mean, i could create a partition and install it, but I'd prefer not to. And it worked without problems on the 4 computers? Where they AMD? Thanks!!