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  1. ScreenSaver Fix

    Cool.. Thanks for that..
  2. ScreenSaver Fix

    Yup... Did that and there is nothing to be found.. Its cool though I found another program called caffeine..
  3. ScreenSaver Fix

    Hello guys and gals - I am searching for the ScreenSaverFix.zip for my hackintosh.. every link that I have found to it has been down.. SO If anyone still has it on their computers or on a flash drive can you please upload it for me.. thanks..
  4. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    OK, now that -f thing is the only thing that's got me frustrated now as everything seems to be working good on both the laptop and the desktop.. Wish I could enable the QE function on my Geforce Go 6100, but beggers cant be choosers..
  5. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    oh sorry its -f that I put in.. Also I am trying to figure out a way to dual boot Windows 7 and OSX on my desktop using 2 different internal hard drives.. I have been searching but cant really find any information on this.. I tried EasyBCD but for some reason it doesnt see my MAC Drive..
  6. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    I ran only the above command, and then did a reboot... But sadly the wireless still doesnt work unless I boot using -F..
  7. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    THere is no Startup folder inside of the com.apple.kext.caches folder.. There is only one file inside there and its called kernelcache.. The extensions.mkext is located in the /System/Library/ folder on my setup..
  8. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    I put the first three lines in with no problem and then tried to put in the last line and got the following error.. kectcache: resolving dependencies for kernel extensions with validation and authentication failures can't create /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext.BP9y - No Such file or directory
  9. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    Well the problem with the Colonel's forcedeth-nockd.kext is that it gives me Kernel panics whenver trying to download files.. So I did a complete reinstall and then downloaded eno's newest pkg file, and this time instead of double clicking the file and installing it as if it were a regular program I simply extracted the kext file from inside the pkg file and installed it and it now works for my Nforce LAN 430 with no kernel panics.. I will try your methods for the NVIDIA 9800GT when I get home in a few hours, as well as the method you posted for my Laptops wireless.. EDIT - Desktop is now fully functional with QE showing as supported, using NVKush, but for some reason it doesnt show the name of the card it just says "I Can Has Model?"
  10. WOW.......WOW....... WOW.... This thing actually worked with my Ralink (info below)... I had been looking for a solution to get this thing working for the past week, and I just happened on this thread and viola it freaking works... I was just about to order a new wifi card to eleviate this problem too... Computer Averatec 2370 Manufacturer Ralink Product ID: 0x6877 Vendor ID: 0x0db0 Now for the problem... I installed this and it ONLY runs if i use the -F command before the computer boots... Not really a huge problem to type this everytime but I dont really want to have to type it every time, and also when using this -F command there are times when my keyboard does not work.. Anyone have any help or suggestions??
  11. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    OK... Finally got my Ralink WIFI to recognize and see my WIFI network, by using the program in This thread... But my only problem with this is that it only sees my card when I boot up using the -f command, which is not really much of a problem, but when I use the -f command I sometimes don't have keyboard functionality.. any help with that would be appreciated..
  12. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    <br /><br /><br /> So how would I get that 10.4.8 driver for the Ralink Wireless?? Would I just have to install 10.4.8.. Also on my Desktop I am having a hell of a time getting QE/IC to enable, the is a PNY 9800 GT DDR3 any idea what I have to do to get that enabled.. I have searched the internet and have not found a working solution or one that I know how to implement..
  13. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Can someone please tell me which of these forcedeth drivers are the newest without any kernel panics?? because I am using the forcedeth.nockd.kext right now and I have had a couple of kernel panics in the last hour.. Please let me know as this is the only driver that I can get to work with my NFORCE 430.. As NfoceLAN does not work for me..
  14. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    <br /><br /><br /> I am extremely happy to report that I have now gotten the ONBOARD LAN/Ethernet working on both my desktop and laptop.. As they are both NFORCE 430 LAN's.. Still trying to get the Ralink wireless to work for the laptop though.. Below is the method that I used to get the NFORCE 430 to work.. Network This looks like a lot, but really you just chown it to root, chmod it to 755, turn off debugging in Info.plist, copy it to /System/Library/Extensions, clear your kextcache, and reboot. 1. Download Colonel's forcedeth-nockd.kext to your Dekstop. 2. Open Terminal from Applications/Utilities and type the following: o cd ~/Desktop o sudo chown -R root:wheel forcedeth-nockd.kext/ o sudo chmod -R 755 forcedeth-nockd.kext/ o sudo /Applications/TextEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/TextEdit forcedeth-nockd.kext/Contents/Info.plist 3. Look for: <key>Debug</key> and then change <true /> (directly below the Debug line) to <false /> 4. File -> Save | File -> Quit 5. Go back to Terminal and type: sudo kextload -v forcedeth-nockd.kext/ 6. Open System Preferences and choose Network. It should detect your network card and obtain an IP 7. Browse the web to make sure your connection is working 8. Finally, install the kext and clear your kextcache by opening Terminal and typing: o sudo cp -R forcedeth-nockd.kext /System/Library/Extensions o sudo kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions 9. Reboot Note: If you have any problems use: sudo kextunload forcedeth-nockd.kext/
  15. Install OSX on Averatec 2370 help..

    Verdant you helped me tremendously and I am truly grateful to you for doing so.. Also I am now one step closer to having this thing fully working.. Needless to say I am extremely excited.. Now I only have to get the Wifi Working on my Laptop, and Ethernet working on my Desktop.. The GEFORCE GO 6100 is now working that to the information posted at http://www.developers-life.com/how-to-setu...ce-go-6100.html How To setup driver in OS X for nVidia GeForce Go 6100 1. Download MacVidia 1.0.81 2. Backup all file and folder /System/Library/Extensions Geforce*.kext and NV*.kext 3. Setup MacVidia, by NOT RESTART 4. launch terminal, go /System/Library/Extensions 5. Write: sudo mkdir NVBack ↵ 6. Write: sudo mv ./NV*.plugin ./NVBack ↵ 7. Write: sudo mv ./NV*.bundle ./NVBack ↵ 8. Reboot and change screen resolution