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  1. Hello guys I want to buy a new audio card for my rig and Audigy 2 looks fine (24/192 and all that stuff). But only thing I can't figure out is inputs Do they work? I really need my microphone to work So can someone help me with that? I'm on Sierra right now
  2. Just tried to replace whole "Extensions" folder Now boot log looks really nice, no errors at all, but hangs after SMC sensors added. Just hangs, no errors, no "still waiting for root device" Don't know what to do It's certainly better just to wait for kernel)
  3. Hello, guys I've made some progress (maybe ) I replaced IOATAFamily kext and "got boot device" But got KP My install partition is on the hard drive, because i can't get IOUSBMassStorage working Maybe you can do something with it I have DP2 Hope i helped http://s30.postimg.org/828058p1d/SN853042.jpg
  4. Hello I have a problem: Sleep won't working for me Some days ago it was 10.8.2 installed on my pc. I tried something to make it sleep but without success (with chameleon). But after it I tried to boot with Cover. And... sleep was fully working! In same evening apple released new 10.8.3 and I updated my system ( i thought that it will bring me improvements for hd7000 cards, i have 7970) it's installs without problems, booted normally with 10.8.2 kernel. But it wasn't sleep. Next day I installed 10.8.2 on clear partition, installed FakeSMC, NullCPU and of course SleepEnabler but no sleep... I don't know what to do... It was something else, but what? What it can be? What do SleepEnabler needs to work? I'm shure that it wasn't native speedstep. Sleep was pretty stable, it's worked in Safe mode, without ati7000 kexts, but now I can't make it work Help please My conf.: AMD Athlon x4 630 MSI 880gm-e41 2x2gigs ddr3 800mhz AMD hd7970 And another one question, if my system boots without NullCpu am O need to use it?