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  1. Guys! You are the BEST! My Asus P8H67-I Deluxe don't need NullCpuPM anymore!!!
  2. Intel's DP67DE, DSDT and sleep that won't work..

    Try corrected DSDT (add HDEF - HDAenabler don't need anymore, fixed EHCI, HPET SBUS, RTC) sleep probably will work. Don't forget to patch AICPUPM and remove NullCPUPM, add "Generate P & C states" in chameleon plist, rebuild caches and repair permissions. good luck. DSDT_paulo.zip
  3. Intel's DP67DE, DSDT and sleep that won't work..

    Hi. New Intel P67 mb series have the same BIOS problem as ASUS mb. To load AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement you need speedstepper by flAked .
  4. P8P67 shutdown with unwanted poweron

    very strange... post kextstat result.
  5. P8P67 shutdown with unwanted poweron

    OK there is the correct _PTS method: Method (_PTS, 1, NotSerialized) { If (LEqual (Arg0, 0x05)) {} Else { Store (Arg0, DBG8) If (LAnd (LEqual (Arg0, 0x04), LEqual (OSFL (), 0x02))) { Sleep (0x0BB8) } PTS (Arg0) Store (Zero, Index (WAKP, Zero)) Store (Zero, Index (WAKP, One)) Store (ASSB, WSSB) Store (AOTB, WOTB) Store (AAXB, WAXB) Store (Arg0, ASSB) Store (OSFL (), AOTB) Store (Zero, AAXB) Store (One, \_SB.SLPS) } }
  6. P8P67 shutdown with unwanted poweron

    Try to set "stay off after power failure" in BIOS.
  7. Hi, all My new system, based on 1155 Intel DQ67EP does not normally wakeup from sleep mode. The first power button pushing gives wake/sleep for 1 second (without screen), and second pushing gives wake/freeze (with no screen) again, but all fans worked. my config MB: Intel DQ67EP CPU: i7-2600 VGA: Radeon HD6870 RAM: 2x4Gb BT: Asus BT21 Audio: ALC888 AICPUPM worked by flAked's speedstepper. Maybe anyone know how to correct wakeup mode. DSDT (modified/unmodified ver.), ioreg, kexstat, logs and PCIdump in attachment. DQ67EP.zip
  8. ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    >>> same result to fix it you need both dvi to be connected to display. But I need to swap my div ports every time I boot, if not i'm black screen after apple boot. Hdmi is working fine. I'm using Vervet bootloader.