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  1. ok, after 2 more re-installs its working. bootflags are -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes IGPEnabler=No dart=0 i have tried this combo before and it didnt work so im not sure whats going on that it works this time, only problem is now is my boot.plist is not being applied so i have to manually enter the flags at each boot
  2. ok, i just reinstalled again... its working without safe mode only thing i dont have is audio but i never have that oob, im terrified to restart because it probably wont work if i do and uppon restart.... same damn thing
  3. i have the hd4000 completely disabled and the gtx 560 plugged in via DVI
  4. it is disabled, my bios settings are exactly as they were on the last successful install and boot
  5. ok so i tried clover, i have no idea what im doing, and if at all possible dont really want to go down that road as i have had it working 100% on chamelion
  6. ok, i will have to try that in a bit after i read up on clover and the wife is done with plex, will post back when i give it a go, and thank you for the help, it is much appreciated
  7. the latest from chameleon wizard and to boot up initially the one that is included in myhack
  8. anyone? at this point open to trying anything up to and including any sort of voodoo with or without chicken bones
  9. I had a working 10.9.2 install and like a idiot i updated to 10.9.3 with no backup to restore to and my working 10.9.2 install went south badly. I formatted the drive and tried to install fresh and for a week now i for the life of me cant get past missing bluetooth controller transport! at start up. My system is a p8z77-v a intel I7-3770k and a gtx 560(non ti) with 8gigs of ram no other pci cards installed. I have tried 3 different methods of making the install usb all end in the same error, and my last install that booted with the flags GraphicsEnabler=Yes Dart=0 no longer boots with those and seems to only boot into safe mode 1 time after install then even with -x gives me the error. the flags i have tried are ( EthernetBuiltin=Yes (and no) GraphicsEnabler=Yes (and no) NPCI=0x2000 (and 0x3000) PCIRootUID=0 (and 1) Dart=0 IGPEnabler=No (and yes) this is pretty much the same result every time with some variations depending what flags i use but it always ends the same, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. yeah thats what i ended up by doing thanks
  11. after a KillAll Finder and a relaunch finder and a restart the drive is still there. is there any way to make a shortcut to just the Macintosh HD drive on the desktop if i hide all the drives in finder preferences? added: i have tried it with other drives aswell not just the system reserved drive
  12. ERROR: File Not Found. (-43) on file: /Volumes/System ERROR: File Not Found. (-43) on file: Reserved that comes up :S and same without the space ERROR: File Not Found. (-43) on file: /Volumes/SystemReserved
  13. so after quite a long install and tweak proccess i have a fully working hackintosh, the only problem i have now is the ammount of HDD icons i have on my desktop. I would like to keep the Macintosh HD icon but all the others i would like to get rid of. I have tried chflags hidden "/Volumes/System Reserved" but that dose not seem to work... any help would be appreciated. Thanks