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  1. Backup your own setup - How?

    First, thanks for the help Second, i want to make you an example: i'm currently using Lion on my non-MacPro desktop and soon I'll be buying a Macbook Pro. I just want to recover my OS customizations like Mission control configuration, Apps settings, etc. Maybe without even restoring a full system (that would be stupid as I'm going to a complete different hardware structure and will probably use Mountain Lion). What would you suggest? Anyway, if I want to keep a backup copy of this setup for my current machine (the desktop), do you suggest that image backup from Disk Utilities is the best choice?
  2. Backup your own setup - How?

    Oh, wait, so you weren't mocking me. There's actually an app called Super Duper to do what i was asking. LOL Anyway Super Duper isn't free, so I'd rather go with CCC. With CCC i basically backup the mac partition on another HD. When something goes wrong how do I restore it?
  3. Backup your own setup - How?

    Nice, but, is there a way to backup only system settings and applications without the kexts and all the other stuff that would make your copy unusable?
  4. I was wondering if it's possible to backup your own OSX setup. I mean, I just installed Lion on my custom made PC, and I want to know if there's a easy way to have your Apps settings, Icons settings, Dock settings, etc stored somewhere. I'm asking because in a day or another something could breakup my system and it would be super-duper-cool to have a way to restore your previous workspace in a snap. I know this is a noob question, but, Thanks in advance.
  5. Durante il boot del DVD retail di Snow Leopard. Uso come cd di boot il primo dei due fornito da te nella guida
  6. Seguo la guida passo passo ma ricevo l'errore "ACPI table not found:DSDT.aml". A cose è dovuto?
  7. non c'è bisogno di installare il bios modificato con questa guida?