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    P8P67 (rev.3.0) partially working, questions

    I assume that even with a different smbios, you'd still have the correct hardware info displayed. Well, my machine's got system definitions of a 3,1 macpro and all the hardware info's displayed properly . do you by any chance have another HDD you could test (maybe test a different install method on there to compare?) the main challenge I've had on this machine was actually the graphics card (Geforce 5xx series), cause I didn't play it safe and went for a sure thing like other known compatible cards. Well, it was actually because of the graphics card that I made the move to Lion. I got another machine running SL. Though I hadn't tested the DSDT approach I reckon a lot of people choose that way, for it's vanilla-like kind of install. I haven't tried sleep (it's not a function I need on the OS X side of my machine) so I can't really compare it to your DSDT install, but I've noticed among other things that at least on one of my HDD's in system profiler I get USB super speed bus detected so in theory the usb 3 ports should be working. perphaps an attempt to do a Snow Leopard install on another HD followed by a Lion upgrade could solve the issues you pointed out?
  2. dissectionalone

    P8P67 (rev.3.0) partially working, questions

    Hi, is there any specific reason you used the iMac 12,2 smbios, besides the fact that your cpu is an i7? Have you tested other configuration, perhaps a different smbios? When I upgraded from 10.6.8 to Lion the main trouble was the loss of audio, other than that and as far as I've tested it seems to be working better on Lion than it did on SL Havent tried tests other than "normal" use lol. what method didi you use for install?
  3. dissectionalone

    Basic guide about nVidia kexts

    Can anyone tell me wich kext is specific to the Geforce GT 520? out of the ones included in OS X, I mean. I can't get better resolution than 1280x720 and no proper vram detection either. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. dissectionalone


    Hi guys, Anyone ever tried a build using a NVidia Geforce GT 520? If so, is the VRAM detection working and the resolution correct? I can only get 1280x720 and the VRAM detection isn't right. The Card has 1GB of memory, though in system profiler the id is correct (it shows as unknown NVidia card though) the VRAM shown is 32MB (if I'm correct, can't really confirm right now) Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance =)
  5. dissectionalone

    ALC888 doesn't work (ICH9)

    Hello, I've been having trouble with audio as well. I installed Snow Leopard with iATKOS S3 V2 on my machine but still couldn't get audio to work... At first in the system profiler my built-in audio wasn't even there. But after trying cartri's mac bios and reinstalling I finally have the ALC888 show up on the system profiler but no luck with actually getting sound to work. I didn't select Apple HDA on the install, but VoodooHDA instead... In the system preferences on the sound the only devices I got listed are HDMI(from my NVidia En210 graphics card). Prior to having tested cartri's mac bios I had tried using the HDAEnabler and other stuff people suggested and I didn't even have my audio Codec showing up. Now I have the system recognize the audio device but I'm still nowhere near getting actual sound. I have a Gigabyte GA EP43-S3L with the onboard Realtek ALC888. Any ideas on this? Thanks, Felipe