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  1. (Macburner) you might be better off going to 10.1.11 as I had quite a few issues with 10.9.5 and went to 10.11.3using some of the SP3 kext it runs pretty smooth except could not get power management to work correctly otherwise very smooth!
  2. I was able to use sbsign in OSX 10.11 finally No more red screen! now I just have to find the right VM image that will work right to free up the usb port..
  3. it was d/l when it was released but i misplaced it and got the new one from app store it wasn't until others had the same issues that I went looking for it... for some reason the install will hang at Graphics or using 10.10 graphics kext was able to get it to boot but no QE but QE works if upgrading from 10.9.2 I have SP2 so results my differ .
  4. apoll200, what version of Mavericks are you using ? I was stuck at the same spot could not figure out why the guide wasn't working for 3 weeks come to find out you need 10.9.0 -10.9.2 if you recently d/l it from app store it will be 10.9.5 found this out the hard way but had a old copy on a old drive... now if I can get secure boot working it's been a month and confusion...
  5. Hi, can someone please post an example of how to sign and a list of certs in the sbsigntools as the V3 installer only works in 10.10 and the ubuntu way keeps saying file not found .. thanks!
  6. (Surface2OSX) Thanks Quattro, from what I can gather is a VM with Ubunto is needed get slimsigned the signtoolinstaller says it needs osx 10.10 and i'm on 10.9 any pointers ?
  7. (Surface2OSX) is there a guild to enable secure boot? I read some post and downloaded the sbsigntool-0.6-Clover_R2 read the readme and install and more confused..
  8. Hi, I'm new to the Hackintosh read through the Guide is there any revision for the 10.9.5 ? I was able to get to the installer and install but can only start up in safe mode after rebooting..
  9. stereo068

    [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    I updated from 10.6.3 to 10.6.5 had to hard shutdown when it got stuck on the reboot but works fine except my wireless Ralink 2860 card keeps disconnecting on me..