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  1. Do you mean that only apfs partition can rebuild caches at 10.13.4 beta without issue or it also failed ? Up to now it seems only you can rebuild caches for testing at 10.13.4 beta for AMD (FX & Ryzen) hackintosh.
  2. Do you means it rebuild prelinkedkernel successfully by DCPIManager at last ?
  3. Yes, "-v" is my default boot argument in config.plist. In order to use Shaneee's kernel I need extra "-s" & "exit" to boot properply, otherwise it always got invalid kernel opcode (64-bit) errors.
  4. Thanks for your continued support. It can boot to desktop at 10.13.4 DB2 in Ryzen 1700X hackintosh with "-s" & "exit". Without that procedures it still get invalid kernel opcodes in my Ryzen hackintosh. It can not rebuild prelinkedkernel properly yet at 10.13.4 DB2 ! [Edit] The above procedures are still need to boot10.13.4 beta 3 (17E160e) in Ryzen 1700X hackintosh !
  5. In AMD hackintosh I only use HFS+ Journaled. In Z97/Z87 Intel hackintosh I had tried apfs, but not my favorite because of poor performance and not so user friendly. Unfortunately up to now only Shaneee's 10.13.3 kernel worked at 10.13.4 DB2 & 10.13.3 in my FX-6300 & Ryzen 1700X hackintosh. Not working by replaced with Shaneee's 10.13.4 kernel method yet !
  6. Thanks for your prompt reply and kind help ! Although I can not rebuild prelinkedkernel successfully at 10.13.4 DB2 yet, applied your config.plist & kexts/Other making Ryzen 1700X hackintosh working at both 10.13.3 &10.13.4 DB2 now ! In order to prevent booting errors with invalid kernel opcode (64-bit): ....., I must always booted at first with "-s", then "exit" working eventually. Do you think it's a bug of Shaneee's kernel or EFI Clover bootloader ? I'll keep trying and report later.
  7. Followed your instruction still got prelinkedkernel failed (always file size Zero bytes) at 10.13.4 DB2.
  8. Thanks again for your prompt reply and help. The problem of my Ryzen 1700X hackintosh at 10.13.3 and 10.13.4 is the same: unable to boot with Shaneee's kernel due to too many invalid kernel opcode (64-bit)....... There is no such a problem in FX-6300 hackintosh. Can you share your working Clover's config.plist & kexts/Other or org.chameleon.Boot.plist/kernel.plist/kext.plist to me for reference to debug ?
  9. Thanks for these 2 kernels: Both worked at 10.13.3 & 10.13.4 DB2 in my FX-6300 hackintosh without issue. This is the first time at 10.13.4 DB2 "uname -a" showed Shaneee's kernel was used instead of Bronya's one and both Firefox & Safari worked too ! Unfortunately Shaneee's kernel got invalid kernel opcode errors at both 10.13.3 and 10.13.4 DB2 in Ryzen 1700X hackintosh as before. Bronya's kernel can boot to desktop at 10.13.3 without issue, but at 10.13.4 DB2 only Google Chrome worked in Ryzen 1700X hackintosh. That means Shaneee's kernel need fix or optimalization for my Ryzen 1700X hackintosh. Gigamaxx: Thanks again ! Can you show me how to rebuild prelinkedkernel correctly at 10.13.4 ? Because I found (1) Kext Utility (2) Kext Wizard (3) DPCIManager (4) KCPM Utility Pro (5) Terminal : sudo kextcache -Boot -U / all failed to rebuild successfully.
  10. Thanks for this new kernel which made no difference from previous one in Ryzen 1700X hackintosh at 10.13.4 DB2: If booted by bootable prelinkedkernel which can boot to desktop at 10.13.4 DB2 with the same issues as before. If booted by non-bootable prelinkedkernel which always hanged at the same process as before. If booted by Enoch with -f, it got reboot as Gigamaxx reported on the above.
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply and help. I have no issue to boot 10.13.3 at all and looking for any solution to boot 10.13.4 DB2 in Ryzen 1700X or FX-6300 hackintosh. Have you solved it ?
  12. Did you replace or merge these Frameworks files ?
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply and help. But deleted SMCMonitorSensor.kext in /S/L/E did not fix this booting issue : hanged after showing IntelCPUMonitor: [Warning] ..... BTW did you rebuild prelinkedkernel in Intel hackintosh with Bronya's kernel at 10.13.4 DB2 (17E150g) or in AMD hackintosh at 10.13.3 ? Because I can not rebuild prelinkedkernel at 10.13.4 DB2 in Intel hackintosh with bronya'a kernel yet. Thanks for this new kernel which can not boot to desktop at both 10.13.3 & 10.13.4 DB2 yet in my Ryzen 1700X hackintosh if prelinkedkernel contained IntelCPUMonitor Plugin (or SMCMonitorSensor.kext ? mentioned by Gigamaxx).
  14. Any luck for yours ? My Ryzen 1700X and FX-6300 hackintosh all failed to boot to desktop at 10.13.4 DB2 (17E150g) with these new files.
  15. Thanks for this new kernel/prelinkedkernel/System.kext, but it can not boot to desktop due to error of IntelCPUMonitor in both FX-6300 & Ryzen 1700X hackintosh. Roll-back to previous prelinkedkernel can boot to desktop, but only Google Chrome working properly How to fix it ?