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    [Guide] Yosemite on Asus G46VW

    Well, well, well, hello eveyone ! It's been a long time I didn't give a reply because I was sort of busy, but I've made it working (with the help of your great forum and more generally the entire Internet) and seems almost stable for 4 months now ! So I'm dual booting on the SSD with Yosemite and W10, using clover. I had to change the Wi-Fi card because it wasn't compatible. I've also upgraded with 16gb of RAM. Previously I said "almost stable" because there are just some minor things which are not working properly, like VGA out which works in the clover menu but gives some artifacts and weird lines in the OS. I haven't tested the HDMI and DP yet. CPU power management is working fine with the ssdtPRGen script. But I can't choose the base frequency which could be nice in addition to the kext which disables TurboBoost on the battery (in order to gain some battery time of course). Anyway, I'll post a complete message next week about what is working, not working, and I'll post the files, maybe some picture too.
  2. etienneS

    [Guide] Yosemite on Asus G46VW

    Yes it's a good computer, I received it today. I think it's a good ratio with price/finish/performances. I've done some research for the 660m, and I don't expect it to work but I'm puzzled with the tiny differences between the mac edition and the pc edition : http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2318/geforce-gtx-660m-mac-edition.html http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/345/geforce-gtx-660m.html But I won't need the 660m for Yosemite. The only thing is that I've read somewhere that the HDMI port is controlled by the 660m, it will be clarified soon. Anyway, I'm going to order a SSD (msata) and I'll let you know just after that.
  3. etienneS

    [Guide] Yosemite on Asus G46VW

    Hi, I'm glad that you have posted these notes. :-) I've bought a second-hand G46VW and I will receive it soon. I'll let you know what is and isn't working after the install. Here are the specifications of my version :