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    Need a new Hackintosh

    Hi everyone!, I just got my computer stole today, so i need to rebuilt one. My od one was running OSX 10.6.3(never even try to update) perfectly, never had a crash, or a software problem, Always wake up and boot normaly. The specs was: Intel E6850 3Ghz Asus P5G41C-M 4GB Dominator DDR2 1066Mhz Galaxy 8800GT 512Mb LG DVD Burner Sata 500GB WD Black (OS) 2TB WD Green (Data) Asus PCE-N16 (Work with Ralink software) Silverstone SG02 White Cooler Master Silent Pro 500watt Modular ------------------------------------------------- No i have to rebuild one. I already have: Silverstone SG02 Black LG Sata DVD Burner 8800GTS (Still have to rebake it....) or a cheap u wil recomend me And a P5KPL-CM (i dont have to used it but why not saving money) No i was wondering do a Celeron Dual Core E3300 wil work? and for video card a 8400gs PCI-E? And my motherboard will work fine? Thanks to help me