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  1. So whenever I try to install something i get this: missin/bad page in kernel object\n"@/Users/nawcom/xni-1504.15.3/osfmk/vm/vm_pageout.C:5689 Then the same line saying invalid kernel ip <double panic> PC Specs: (everything is working including amd cpu) 64-bit MODE AMD ASUS HD6670 AMD Athlon 2.8ghz 64-bit x2 dual core 5600+ 6gb of RAM Plz help! Thanks for taking the time to read this! *!!!!!!!!only happens when I use the software updater!!!!!!!!*
  2. HACKINTOSH (Ps2 Keyboard help)

    I did and it still wont work??
  3. So I finally got hackintosh to install on my AMD PC, but the ps2 keyboard and mouse are not working. Its really stupid because I get to the setup part and I cant finish my install "Keyboard not detected. Please plug one in now" I have a usb mouse so I was able to go through the mac install, but not any further. I am use Hazard's 10.6.6i dvd and booting through Nawcom Mod CD! Please help if you can! It will be much appreciated!