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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in RadeonMonitor problems   
    The thread splitted from HWSensors3.
    Tools to testing Radeon state.
    Load RadeonPCI.kext  
    How to load
    sudo chown -R root:wheel ~/Downloads/RadeonPCI.kext sudo chmod -R 755 ~/Downloads/RadeonPCI.kext sudo kextutil -v ~/Downloads/RadeonPCI.kext and use RadeonDump utility
    Commands to see temperature
    ./RadeonDump1 -n 6b0,c0300014
    ./RadeonDump1 -n 200,c0300014
    Old families
    ./RadeonDump1 -r 714,7f4
    Other possible methods to find a register for temperature
    ./RadeonDump1 -n 6b0,c0300e0c
    ./RadeonDump1 -n 6b0,1c5
    ./RadeonDump -n 6b0,d8200ca4
    ./RadeonDump -r 59800,59810
    ./RadeonDump -r 678,680

    Latest solution RadeonMonitor.kext here
    works for RX 460,480,580
    not works for HD7790, R9 290X?
    Here works also with HD7790, R9 290X
    Support VEGA here
    Version for test modern cards
    Version for Catalina
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in HWSensors3   
    The kext ACPIMonitor is not for users. It is for developers who knows what to do with DSDT.
    [HOWTO] ACPI access for monitoring 
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Andy Vandijck in DarwinDumper   
    I finished it.
    I modified RadeonDump to put the first 4 characters of the file as the vendor (1002 for ATI, 8086 for Intel and 10DE for NVidia).
    This way we can detect if it is an ATI rom and use radeon_bios_decode on it in case.
    This tool requires root rights to load the kext.
    I hope you implement it as video bios dump and decoding would be very cool in DarwinDumper (and handy for Clover people with ATI cards as they need their connector data).
    Sources are included.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vector sigma in Clover.app testing   
    Yes I am, thanks 
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in Clover.app testing   
    Hope you are well!
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vector sigma in Clover.app testing   
    Not yet fully functional.... but the "core" of our Property List Editor (in art called plist editor) is here:

    after five days that almost every activities already stop and closed, today it is my first day of full stop of every things. Looks like We're now living in the world of void due to the Corona Virus and I wrote thousands of lines of code in no time... just to pass the time . 
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in Clover.app testing   
    May be add functionality to "optimize" button to convert ICNS format to PNG format? Then issues with some themes can be resolved.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in Clover.app testing   
    I found and fixed the issue.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in Clover.app testing   
    Thanks, it works! Now we can exclude clover-genconfig!

    There are real config and generated one.
    We have to correct something in the generation but mostly it works as it should. For examples some new fields in config not shown in generated.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vector sigma in Clover.app testing   
    I think I can
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in Clover.app testing   
    @vector sigma
    Can you include clover-genconfig functionality into Clover.app? I think it is good place.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vandroiy2012 in OpenCore Discussion   
    Read manual:
    Type: plist string
    Failsafe: Secure
    Description: Enables vaulting mechanism in OpenCore.
    Valid values:
    Optional — require nothing, no vault is enforced, insecure.
    Basic — require vault.plist file present in OC directory. This provides basic filesystem integrity verification
    and may protect from unintentional filesystem corruption.
    Secure — require vault.sig signature file for vault.plist in OC directory. This includes Basic integrity
    checking but also attempts to build a trusted bootchain.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vector sigma in Clover.app testing   
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Beajar in Clover.app testing   
    That worked for me. Thanks. Love the new theme manager!
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    Rodion2010 got a reaction from Beajar in Clover.app testing   
    xattr -rc path/Clover.app may help
    it removes "quarantine" attribute from apps by unknown developer
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in Clover Change Explanations   
    Rev 5104
    Clover switched to C++ programming language. Thanks to Jief_Machak.
    C++ proposition
    Programming tips will follow.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Andrey1970 in HWSensors3   
    You made nothing, your file is useless.
    You shall write correct a name and multi.
    Don't do skip fan if the fan connector really is on mobo, because this configuration file not only for you.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vector sigma in HWSensors3   
    Unless you did not push on this on the selected sensor:

    it's a bug.
    Forgot me. If voltages are taken from smc keys then will not show up, not even the button to activate them. Next will, sorry.. I forgot..
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in HWSensors3   
    @tyufhl Здесь по-русски запрещено, есть отдельная ветка где можно.
    AppleIntelInfo panics because it uses MSR registers not allowed on some CPUs. Panics observed by numerous users. Just wonder why such non-safe kext appears in DarwinDumper.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in HWSensors3   
    Real Macs have SMC keys for FAN, temperatures, voltages.
    Why we should take values from ioreg data that absent in real Mac?
    VC0C [flt ] (bytes 80 14 85 3f) VC0G [flt ] (bytes 42 f4 05 3b) VD2R [flt ] (bytes dc ab 41 41) VG0C [flt ] (bytes b0 d1 5a 3f) VG0I [flt ] (bytes af 12 63 3f) VM0R [flt ] (bytes c0 5c 99 3f) F0AB [sp78] (bytes e5 00) F0AH [spf0] (bytes 0e 10) F0AL [spf0] (bytes 0a 8c) F0AP [spf0] (bytes 00 71) F0AS [sp78] (bytes 22 80) F0Ac [fpe2] 1197 (bytes 12 b4) F0ID [{fds] (bytes 00 00 10 00 4d 61 69 6e 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00) F0Mn [fpe2] 1200 (bytes 12 c0) F0Mt [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00) F0Mx [fpe2] 2700 (bytes 2a 30) F0Tg [fpe2] 1200 (bytes 12 c0) FNum [ui8 ] 1 (bytes 01) FOff [ui8 ] 0 (bytes 00) FPDc [fp79] (bytes 21 34) FRmn [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00) FRmp [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00) FS! [ui16] 0 (bytes 00 00) FSDc [ui16] 0 (bytes 69 00) etc....  
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vector sigma in HWSensors3   
    Wait, you're right, than is a good Idea!
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in HWSensors3   
    No plugins - no MSLD.
    The key can be produced by VoodooBatterySMC or manually by ACPImonitor or just add constant into FakeSMC Info.plist like LID is always opened.
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    Rodion2010 got a reaction from iCanaro in Different sensors projects   
    Where is this info from? FakeSMC can be loaded by OpenCore exactly as any other kext
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    Rodion2010 reacted to Slice in HWSensors3   
    Take the updated version.
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    Rodion2010 reacted to vit9696 in Different sensors projects   
    Hello, from our point of view there are serious terminology and organisation issues.
    — There exists a SMC emulator: FakeSMC or VirtualSMC.
    — There exists a driver providing sensor information: Intel Power Gadget kernel extension, macOS GPU kexts, Acidanthera Sensors or HWSensors. The driver does not necessary relate to the SMC emulator, as it can report sensor data with multiple methods.
    — There exists an application interpreting sensor information data: HWMonitor, HWMonitorSMC2, iStat Menus, etc.
    We believe it does not make sense to discuss sensor drivers and sensor applications in SMC emulator threads, they simply do not relate close enough to each other. The only case where we could imagine it be discussed is some API interaction with the emulator during driver development.
    From the presence of HWMonitorSMC2 in the first message we believe this is a joint thread for HWSensors (drivers) and HWMonitorSMC2 (sensor apps). So for us it makes good sense to request features for the latter here.
    If this thread is considered exclusive to HWSensors drivers, then it would be great if you create a dedicated thread for HWMonitorSMC2 for us to interact altogether. Moving messages to VirtualSMC thread is inadequare as VirtualSMC thread has nothing to do to sensors, and in fact it is even outside of the hardware sensors forum.
    Regarding our new sensors format, as we said previously, we added Super I/O data reporting through I/O Registry in raw format, and need application authors to interpret the data. The formats, modulators and demodulators differ a little, so we created a thread with datasheets here: https://applelife.ru/threads/datasheets-k-chipam-superio.2944734/.
    Cheers and thanks for understanding =)