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    SATA Hard Disks Problem

    Hello everyone, i'm hoping you can help me with this dilema i'm having : i installed 10.6.3 on Asus P6T, i7 and evrything is working great. also dual boot with vista is working fine.. BUT: i have four SATA Disks 1) OSX (250GB)(HFS) 2)Sound Library (2TB)(NTFS) 3) Windows (300GB)(NTFS) 4) old files and stuff (200GB)(NTFS) the problem was when i start OSX it need 5 minutes minimum so the disks are displayed on the desktop. i dont care about the other disks but the 2TB NTFS have infos that have to be accessed from OSX and WIN. I tried all the softwares: NTFS-3g + MacFuse , also Paragon NTFS (which is the best but not good enought still) and the problem remains, the disks are toooooo slow sometimes it takes 2 minutes to access a folder. So i decided to reformat the 2TB disk to HFS and use Macdrive on WIN. at first things got better but now mac drive dont recognize the disk anymore !!! and it's back to being verrry slow .. Disk warrior is runing now (5 hours) and i go the "Speed reduced by disk malfunction : 678) and counting !! Do you think the the 2TB disk is damaged ?? what should i do for the other NTFS disks to get a decent speed ?? when i disconnect all the disks and leave only the OSX disk it's lightning fast ! PS i disables spot light repaired permision and disk... nothing seems to help .. so HHEEEEELPP !!
  2. Download iAtkos S3 its better for i7 working great : then after Darwin Starts type the following : busratio=20 cpus=1 -v it will take 10 minutes to boot install enjoy