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  1. I need help to remove an annoying desktop icon

    what program? screenshot please?
  2. [ASK] About DMG files

    ohh.. OK.. Thanks..
  3. [ASK] About DMG files

    you mean I will need to download another CD Image, instead of having another (newer) CD Image version? mine is 10.6 already..
  4. [ASK] About DMG files

    ah! the guide is out of dated.. everything shared in the guide are no longer able to be downloaded..
  5. [ASK] About DMG files

    hmm.. I think the link you gave helps me. Otherwise, I have no any MacOS, wherever it is.. Also, I want to burn a disk image with the file type of .dmg to an external Hard Disk..
  6. [ASK] About DMG files

    Guys, I have downloaded the snow leopard CD Image ver. 10.6.. It's size is more than 7 GiB.. I wonder how do I burn it to my external hard disk (USB Connected).. My DVD Rom doesn't support Dual Layer disc.. Someone please help me doing it.. Thanks in advance
  7. Introduce yourself.

    Hi! I'm (well, you can call me winz). I came from Indonesia, and I desire to have a macintosh installed by myself on the PC without buying the DVD.. I hope for the co-operation.. BTW, how many posts that are needed for me to start a new topic? Thanks in advance