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  1. On 6/20/2020 at 8:04 PM, wrk73 said:

    Why does windows defender mark OC Bootstrap.efi as an virus?

    Can anyone take a look on it?


    depending on how recent the defender information is, it will flag anything that might take control away from Microsoft boot manager's EFI. so in that since yes bootx64 is a virus, because Microsoft doe not control it.



  2. 5 minutes ago, nagha said:

    Hello -


    I've tried building an OC 0.5.1 EFI using the guide for Skylake. My build is a GA z170m-d3h/Intel 6700K/Intel RX 570. I appreciate any insight as to what's wrong with the config.plist. The computer freezes after choosing the Hack volume for booting. It doesn't transition to any sort of loading of MacOS.




    looks like you are having the same issue I am/was having. I don't know which is worse the not do anything at all, or the unable to Alloc Error. I have had both. if you look at the last 2 -3 pages in this forum topic Pavo and others have given me pointers, but I am still stuck with a non-booting Z390. yes I know you have a Z170, but the symptoms are almost identical.


  3. 1 hour ago, HBP said:

    tried your EFI, tried updating BIOS to F7 and your files, still getting the couldn't allocate runtime area, or just nothing(on attempt to load recovery partition)



    I have narrowed it down to something in 10.15 boot.efi does weird things with open core. I have a working OpenCore setup on the same machine(USB) using OC .3 and it boots into 10.14.6 installer just fine, but the same install if I have it boot into 10.15 gives the Error messages about not allocation runtime area. also when trying to get into the 10.14 installer with current fresh compiled OC it fails in preboot. I have tried many different EFI folders, but none (even the one I was using) seem to be able to get boot.EFI to fire off. UEFI Shell works, lets me explore the drives, but I launch Boot.efi and it Panics.



    Attached, Error messages from OC .3 that mirror messages from .5.1+

    TLDR:: I can get OC .3 to boot 10.14.6 installer, but will not boot 10.15 anything.  I can not get OC .5.1+ to boot any OS, even 10.14.6 installer.

    System is the Z390 DESIGNARE.



  4. 3 hours ago, Pavo said:

    You are missing a ton of things that have to be in the config. Try this EFI


    tried your EFI, tried updating BIOS to F7 and your files, still getting the couldn't allocate runtime area, or just nothing(on attempt to load recovery partition)



  5. got the bright idea to try every boot option (I have 5) and what I can see is that recovery mode on 10.14.6 and 10.15 do nothing, while normal mode gives me this Error (see attached). I have gone into the EFI Shell and tried to launch boot.efi manually and it appears that it is not patching/debugging on boot. 

    no luck, it might be I am tired, will try it again in the morning




  6. 49 minutes ago, maddie said:


    Z370 you mean, I presume?


    If so, your Z370 machine is quite similar to mine (ASUS Z370-F).


    Here is my EFI folder, fill in your SMBIOS info and see it helps. You might need some minor changes to make everything work.


    My OC could be slightly older than yours, 0.5.1 still, but right before the "MinKernel/MaxKernel" commit. So if you're gonna test it out I would suggest you replace the whole thing, and upgrade later if you want.




    EDIT: It doesn't have the Thunderbolt ACPI patch since my board doesn't have TB. You might have to add it yourself.

    no luck, it might be I am tired, will try it again in the morning



  7. 1 minute ago, maddie said:


    1. Try to enable Booter->Quirks->AvoidRuntimeDefrag.

    2. Which system is this EFI for? You have three in your signature.

    3. Some options seem to be missing from your config.plist. Start fresh with the SampleFull.plist corresponding to your OC 0.5.1 build, or compare with it and add missing options.

    4. I see you have DSDT.aml defined in the ACPI->Add section, but the file seems to be missing. And DSDT patching isn't recommended anyway.

    5. You have multiple ACPI renames in place, and most of them shouldn't be needed, I would suggest you start with no renames at all and fix them one at a time.

    6. The `Fix RTC _STA` should be achieved by using SSDT patch provided in OpenCorePkg->Docs->AcpiSamples

    7. Although I'm not sure about the ACPI->Block section, I would suggest you disable them until you're sure that it is absolutely required to boot

    8. In OC 0.5.1 you shouldn't use AptioMemoryFix since its functionalities are mostly merged into OC and some separated in FwRuntimeServices. Just include FwRuntimeServices and enable the Booter quirks. You can find detailed information in the Configuration.pdf


    That's all I can see in a glance for now.. :)


    the system (sry I forgot the add that) is the Z390 DESGINARE.


  8. ok, I am at a loss, I have poured over the configuration documents many times and still can't get my system to boot.I got OC .3 to boot mostly, but that was using AptioMemoryFix which is now been absorbed into OC and other functions. the page in the documents that discuss how to get it working are extremely vague and simply point out what appears to be unrelated Quirks that if you search the documentation on don't say if they need to be on or off. Attached are 2 files, 1 my freshly compiled .5.1 OC folder with a config.plist that I know will not boot, because it gives me the dreaded (ERROR allocating 0x##### pages at 0x000000000######## alloc Type 2, Couldn't allocate runtime area) or worse just fails to do anything after making a selection one a Clover config file that will boot the system correctly.  Can someone please help, or point me in the direction that will allow me to resolve the issues?


    TLDR: My OC files will boot .3, but when I try to move onto any that don't use AptioMemoryFix I can't get the system to boot, looking for help.  Attached are the OC EFI (not working) and a working Clover config for my system.

    System in Question is the Z390 DESIGNARE




  9. On Thursday the 8th, a very fast moving fire destroyed everything in my life except my wife and Kittys.  we just got me a laptop, but my question is: if you were in my position, what would you do or say?  would you rebuild your hack or would you update it to another machine?  would you upgrade, or use your insurance money to get a real Mac?  I am still in shock and am not asking for anything except your advice and support during this very trying time.




    information on the Camp Fire in Paradise California

  10. Ok, so the story goes, I upgraded from a z77x board to a Z270 which has USB 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1.  When I use a usb 3.1 to usb adaptor cable and plug into the the usb 3.0/3.1 port I get usb 3.1 speeds.  When I plug it into the usb 3.1 port (the new mini interface) I only get 480 Mb/sec.  What am I doing wrong? Send me 1 is the usb converter cable, Send me 2 is the USB 3.1 cable.


    I am trying to identify what is changing when I use the conversion cable too connect I get 5g/s speed vs 480m/s.  so how does the cable make the connection different?


    trying to understand.



    Send me 1.zip

    Send me 2.zip

  11. On 9/17/2018 at 11:11 AM, telepati said:


    is this your Kingston or EVO?  I tried also HFPS+ but this does not change anything. @Pavo are you using anything such as SSDT, settings on config.plist or BIOS settings?

    move the Wifi/BT card off the M.2 shared slot (what you have explained is that your system is sharing resources with the first Pcie slot and the NVME slot) move the card to slot 3 or 4 (the last PCIE slot) should fix the read/write speeds.


    I get 1855MB/s write, 2450MB/s read with an Evo 960.

  12. 10 hours ago, WinstonAce said:

    Intelfixup is deprecated, use only latest WEG and LILU.
    Let it injected the proper ig-platform.

    Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk

    set that way (having made sure that I only have current versions of LiLu and WEG) the only working function is jpg preview, and airplay. no local playback of secure video. but if I disable the IGPU I have local playback but not airplay/jpg preview.


    with IGPU enabled in bios, I get Preview and jpgs, and sharing to my AppleTV


    with IGPU disabled in bios, I get secure video, iTunes video, and no sharing with my AppleTV


  13. 41 minutes ago, WinstonAce said:

    IGPU enabled in bios?
    Do you use WEG?

    Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk

    IGPU enabled, with weg, and intel fixup,  if I add inject ig-platform-id =0x19120001 then I get movies and secure video, no jpeg preview


    if I use ig-platform-id =0x59120003 the right selection for my system, (an iMac18,3) then I get preview and no movies.  so I am yet again having to choose between features I normally use, and features I use when I am relaxing.



  14. I discovered by accident that in the newer OS's on High Sierra, Mojave etc I could get iTunes to allow streaming movies, then I discovered that if I implemented the Fix for jpg preview fix, I lose the iTunes streaming abilities.


    is there any method to remove this and get both??


    I have a z270 ultra gaming with an i7 7700K and a RX560 4g card.

    the rest is inconsequential if I can't get both to work



  15. link to the EFI folders, with all settings as I have them configured except serials, after 12 hours it loaded on my new rig enough to allow me to make this zip, the machine seems to be doing step time, like I have the beach ball of death, then I can activate something then beach ball of death for another 20-90 seconds, then rinse and repeat.




    my new rig, GA-Z270 Ultimate gaming, i7700K, 16 gig corsair 3000 DDR4, 500gig nvme, RX 560 4 gig (Gigabyte) and reused from my old rig 250gig SSD(unable to boot Mohave installed), 1tb WD Black booting slowly with High Sierra.


    trying to get everything locked down and bootable before I go any farther. 


    with system lag unable to run the script RunME to collect system information files.



    11 hours ago, STLVNUB said:

    If you want to use Ozmosis use it from ESP first. 

    can you point me to the ESP files for Ozmosis? with my Z77, and Z87 boards I always used it directly from Rom due to having a 2 rom switch on both boards.