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  1. HBP

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    move the Wifi/BT card off the M.2 shared slot (what you have explained is that your system is sharing resources with the first Pcie slot and the NVME slot) move the card to slot 3 or 4 (the last PCIE slot) should fix the read/write speeds. I get 1855MB/s write, 2450MB/s read with an Evo 960.
  2. tried imac18,2 and imac18,3. which are the ones that say they had 560 2m or 4m cards. and my CPU is on the 18,3. I have not researched the differences between the rx 560 and 555 PRO or 560 PRO.
  3. set that way (having made sure that I only have current versions of LiLu and WEG) the only working function is jpg preview, and airplay. no local playback of secure video. but if I disable the IGPU I have local playback but not airplay/jpg preview. with IGPU enabled in bios, I get Preview and jpgs, and sharing to my AppleTV with IGPU disabled in bios, I get secure video, iTunes video, and no sharing with my AppleTV
  4. IGPU enabled, with weg, and intel fixup, if I add inject ig-platform-id =0x19120001 then I get movies and secure video, no jpeg preview if I use ig-platform-id =0x59120003 the right selection for my system, (an iMac18,3) then I get preview and no movies. so I am yet again having to choose between features I normally use, and features I use when I am relaxing. HBP
  5. I discovered by accident that in the newer OS's on High Sierra, Mojave etc I could get iTunes to allow streaming movies, then I discovered that if I implemented the Fix for jpg preview fix, I lose the iTunes streaming abilities. is there any method to remove this and get both?? I have a z270 ultra gaming with an i7 7700K and a RX560 4g card. the rest is inconsequential if I can't get both to work HBP
  6. HBP

    Help getting clover working

    link to the EFI folders, with all settings as I have them configured except serials, after 12 hours it loaded on my new rig enough to allow me to make this zip, the machine seems to be doing step time, like I have the beach ball of death, then I can activate something then beach ball of death for another 20-90 seconds, then rinse and repeat. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1e2AR-rZMbSwf4tcRJ7MuQ-0D0qFBRDOu my new rig, GA-Z270 Ultimate gaming, i7700K, 16 gig corsair 3000 DDR4, 500gig nvme, RX 560 4 gig (Gigabyte) and reused from my old rig 250gig SSD(unable to boot Mohave installed), 1tb WD Black booting slowly with High Sierra. trying to get everything locked down and bootable before I go any farther. with system lag unable to run the script RunME to collect system information files. HBP can you point me to the ESP files for Ozmosis? with my Z77, and Z87 boards I always used it directly from Rom due to having a 2 rom switch on both boards. HBP
  7. HBP

    Help getting clover working

    Can anyone help me with the settings for a z270 gigabyte board? I haven’t used this boot loader in the last 5 years and osmosis is not able to be integrated with my bios hbp
  8. here is the setup, I have 3 different systems, neither are able to boot into cloverUEFI mode. they both are able to load legacy mode Clover. It has been the same ever since clover switched from running legacy mode by default to running UEFI mode. below is a picture of the screen that is the bane of my Hack. I can't find any settings that will allow any of my Z87, Z77 or Z270 boards in UEFI mode. any help or advice would be very appreciated. HBP
  9. if you look at the (Install) sub then you find several people who are actively running Mojave on unsupported systems, the various complaints range from Lagging interface (no metal support) to issues with not having SSE4.2. the consciences seems to be that after GM(final) becomes available the larger portion of the community will begin looking at ways to tweak/speed up the Open CL interface. just my 2¢ worth, HBP
  10. HBP

    Video card to drive 2x 27" displays

    any of the eGPU{'s listed as working with OSX (Apples List) should work in that enclosure.
  11. HBP

    I have got to know...

    I have migrated to Mojave as a primary OS on that system and still have no issues at all except not being able to preview .JPG's
  12. HBP

    APFS on external SSD won't boot :(

    from the sound of the issue, it sounds like FakSMC injection is not working, because the install does not use FakeSMC it will run and allow you to get through the install, but when you do the (first real boot) it triggers the FakeSMC(modules) but they are not loaded and causing a lag and only gray screen. HBP
  13. make sure you are using the -lilubetaall flag on boot, everything you are describing points to Lilu and Whatevergrren not initializing/loading with the new 10.14.
  14. HBP

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    I had a similar issue, I reran the Beta Auth tool from page 1 and it updated just fine. HBP
  15. HBP

    I have got to know...

    yes more compatible, but having searched IM as well as the other forums I am Willing to be a part of, not the Tony** {censored}, all of the information leads me to believe that due to a glitch in how my 4770K and it's brother Haswell chips talk to secure streaming extensions that streaming would not be possible.