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  1. Ozmosis

    <-- confused but rolling with it. re-edited my ssdt-5 as well as my DSDT to resolve my USB issues for 10.13, and now my bluetooth no longer works, the port it is on, IOUSBHostDevice@1d140000 fails to create the device and then disables the port. any help would be Awesome. HBP Edited to included DSDT and SSDT-5 for easier assistance. Archive.zip
  2. Probably a glitch with diskutil. Stranger things have happened. I am glad that it worked. HBP
  3. That is the underlying command that the diskutil uses to format a partition. HBP
  4. try setting your system SMBIOS as an iMac 15,1. if the kext is the one I believe you're talking about, then it may be a compatibility issue with it not fully loading or implementing the patches (read the SourceForge supported model index for more information.) Hope this Helps. HBP
  5. first question to ask is how did you install clover? if you have not formatted the EFI partition fat32 then it probably will not mount in clover configurator because it does not see that partition as being a valid partition. so... time to get Scary. mess up and this will Screw your machine. <code> diskutil list diskutil eraseVolume FAT32 EFI /Volumes/DiskXs1 // **note X is the drive you want to reformat the EFI partition on. </code> then run clover installer and chose the EFI options and tell it you need to modify the boot record, (I believe at this point they have modified the installer to look for the Host disk vs the APFS disks) and this should make a bootable clover install. if not, let me know and I can ether point you to the guides to manually install the clover boot loader(a pain in the butt, or write a quick guide on the process.) HBP
  6. use disk util and list the partitions, on the host disk (not the disk that is formatted APFS, because that is inside a container on the host disk) there should be 2 partitions, EFI and Apple_APFS Container here is an example /dev/disk2 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *320.1 GB disk2 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk2s1 2: Apple_APFS Container disk3 319.9 GB disk2s2 /dev/disk3 (synthesized): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: APFS Container Scheme - +319.9 GB disk3 Physical Store disk2s2 1: APFS Volume OSX_HS 28.5 GB disk3s1 2: APFS Volume VM 9.7 GB disk3s2 3: APFS Volume Preboot 19.8 MB disk3s3 4: APFS Volume Recovery 20.5 KB disk3s4 5: APFS Volume OSX_HS2 24.0 GB disk3s5 the disk3 is what is inside the container disk2 is what is the Physical disk. HBP
  7. The above is why the patched FakeSMC I linked is so important, with the older non patched FakeSMC the OS see's the machine as a Fake. by updating the revisions as Ammoune87 said in #2447121 (the only changes I made to that FakeSMC) my system stopped both stalling and panicking on boot and was able to get into the post install High Sierra. HBP
  8. Change SMBIOS to iMac15,1 Mac-42FD25EABCABB274. update Serial for that model and install Lilu.kext, Nvidiagraphicsfixup.kext. without the change to a SMBIOS model that is supported by the NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext that kext will never load making the rest of the attempt futile. HBP
  9. Sierra had Metal V1 for video access layer, High Sierra has Metal V2. besides having to work out several emulation bugs (changing my SMBIOS to an iMac15,1 from a 14,2 and updating my SSDT/DSDT files) there have been very little differences between the two. if you are using it as a graphics platform go with High Sierra, if you are Ising it as a general machine and don't want to go through the headache of making it closer to a 'Real Mac' go with Sierra. HBP
  10. try this FakeSMC and let me know how it goes. FakeSMC.kext.zip HBP
  11. Hello frustrated, what the below quoted code says is that #1, created a valid cache (that's good) #2 when it tried to update the symlink to point to it that process failed. to resolve that error, from ether single user mode ( -s boot mode) or the recovery partition run this list of commands. (CAUTION: both of these modes by default will give you SUDO access to the system be very carful what you type.) <code> fsck mount -uw / rm -rf "/Volumes/MAC SSD/System/Library/Prelinkedkernel/prelinkedkernel" touch "/Volumes/MAC SSD/System/Library/Extensions" && kextcache -system-caches "/Volumes/MAC SSD/" kextcache -u "/Volumes/MAC SSD/" </code> this list of commands is slightly different from the ones in the aforementioned guide, but they do basically the same thing. the differences are that I took your Volume name to customize them, and that I forced the rebuild of your system cache after deleting the prelinkedcache. this has the effect of having the kext cache manager look for where these files are missing from and rebuilding them in my experience. HBP
  12. replace your FakeSMC with this one and cleanup your Clover directory. this one has the SMC Version and type altered and updated to make High Sierra Happy booting into the iMac platform. HBP P.S. Credit does not go to me for these changes, I got them from this forum.
  13. where are you putting the BCM20702A0 injector? I have mine in /S/L/E and it works just fine, tried putting in in clover's EFI/kexts/other and no luck. also where you have: <key>USB Product Name</key> <string>BCM94352Z Bluetooth</string> I believe it need to be: <key>USB Product Name</key> <string>BCM94352Z</string> the system is very pickey it is looking for an exact match. the last but not least thing I just checked and realized and I don't know if this effects your card or not is that you may need to put the Bluetooth Firmware jumpstart kexts in your Clover folder to get it to work, they have been there for so long I completely forgot I needed them. ‚Äčthe other question is are all the other components for Bluetooth loading, the main controller stack etc, they should load even without a bluetooth seen. I checked your ID's you will need to include this Patch in your Clover folder. Happy Hacking. https://github.com/the-darkvoid/BrcmPatchRAM HBP
  14. to make that drive bootable you must recreate that directory structure in my last post with the pictures. HBP
  15. My experience with this issue and it has happened to my with my main desktop. if you change your SMBIOS to iMac 15,1 and the correct information to Fake that machine, then use the NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext you no longer have the problem. I have been running a stable backup disk with this configuration for the last 2.5 weeks as soon as next weekend hits I am going to upgrade my stable 10.12.6 to 10.13 on a Fusion drive that will be converted to APFS HBP