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  1. try setting the ethernet port speed manually. for example, if it's a 100Mbit switch, set the connection to 100Mbit in the ethernet panel in systempreferences:network:built-in ethernet:ethernet. this is usually a compatibility issue with the switch / router, not the driver.
  2. spo

    Poor Quality MBP

    I would seriously begin to question the carrier at this point. I just don't see that many flaws in months. and I see a lot of Apple products.
  3. sorry. by "roll back" I guess I mean erase and reinstall back to 10.4.4. I think that would be a waste of time though. I'm fairly certain the problem is lack of SSE3. Good Luck!
  4. I don't know if this is more likely an error due to lack of SSE3 or 10.4.4 Core Audio and Logic are both extremely dependent on those SSE3 calls that you are emulating with a patch. I found anything above 10.4.4 to be useless with my Audio applications. I own logic pro (have the dongle) and it runs fine on my system in 10.4.4 It works fine even in 10.4.6, but I can't get my Motu audio device working in anything above 10.4.4 Perhaps you have a similar problem? The only reason I have for 10.4.6 is Aperture, and it really doesn't run fast enough to warrant losing my audio apps, so you may want to consider rolling back. 10.4.4 seem to recognize all of my hardware correctly too.
  5. The only thing you guys are going to accomplish is making the lives of a couple hundred wage slaves miserable for a few hours. why not just call and report the problem, explain that you WILL expect a repair when the issue is figured out, and get a case number. or get a refund. if you don't like what apple considers "within spec" make them give you your money back. a silent macbook is not your birthright. if enough people returned the unit as unacceptable instead of just exchanging it for one with the same problem, or sending it in for repair when it's obvious the cause is unknown, the issue might get fixed. smacking a corporation where it hurts, the pocketbook, is the way to get things fixed. giving phone agents a hard time is not. Believe it or not the issue is NOT being reported to apple in the volume you guys think it is. about 95% of the volume through applecare is people wanting to know how to burn or add an icon to the dock. just my 2 bits. have fun berating the underpaid. you can say that's not your goal all you want, but you know it's what the end result will be.
  6. OK. This is a question I've asked, and I've seen others ask, as well. I've experimented with every build I could find of the drivers as well as OSK builds. I finally managed to make it work! It appears you MUST be running 10.4.4 and version 1.40 of the drivers. Additionally, you need to look in network preferences, network port configurations and turn OFF TCP/IP over Firewire. I don't know if this last step is required on all machines, but it was on mine. Enjoy!
  7. As a graphics card it's really quite good. It's fast for playing videos, dvd's, editing movies, it even works with aperture and motion (though slowly). The main omission on it is 3d support. it has it, but almost everything will rely on your CPU for processing. I'm actually pretty happy with it. as a baseline reference, I have a G4 mac mini that has radeon 9200 graphics. It outperforms that card by a great margin. So if you want to play games or do 3d graphics it's probably not going to do much for you, but for all other purposes it's not bad at all.
  8. spo

    Runs Too Fast

    this is just a guess...but open audio midi setup from your applications/utilities folder. Double check and makes sure the audio bitrate is set to 44.1 hz it sounds like it's trying to play 16/44.1 audio at 24/96.
  9. Hello, I'm sure this has been discussed, but searching for anything about dual cores is like findindg a needle in a needle stack here So here goes.... I have the Asus P5LD2-VM mobo and a 2.66 pentium D. First Question: How do I eneable both cores here? or allow the profiler to see it for what it is. it's showing as a 3.8 ghz pentium D. Cnebench seems to see it as dual core because it runs the dual CPU tests, but I seem to remember someone saying the performance is greater with it reporting correctly. Second question: I seem to be able to put the system to sleep and then wake it,but when it wakes it has no video. Anyone have any ideas on that? If I get these 2 things fixed I'll be the proud papa of a Hackintosh that only cost me about 300 bucks to upgrade an old athlon XP from