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  1. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hi, I'm unable to get WoL working and am not sure where to start debugging. I have a Asus p8z68-m pro motherboard with the latest bios. I have Power On by PCI and Power On by PCI-E Enabled in the bios. I have Realtek PXE OPROM disabled (and it doesn't make a difference if I enable it as well, except that there is a 3sec delay at boot). I have "Wake on Ethernet access" checked in Energy Saver and am using the latest version of your driver 1.1.3. I put my hackintosh to sleep from the menu item and then tried sending a WoL packet using the wol and etherwake tools from my Openwrt router. I know I specified the right mac address, but the system does not respond at all. It continues to sleep until I press the power button or press a key on my usb keyboard. Can you advise on whether I'm missing something or where I can start troubleshooting? I guess one way would be to check if this works on another OS but Windows isn't an option. I can try a usb linux distro or something, I suppose. Thanks, /vv
  2. I've tried with both the onboard Intel HD3000 and a GTX 660. The resolution I was attempting to reach is within the max resolution supported by both cards. When I had it working on 10.8.5, my monitor was powered off my GTX 660 with the default OSX drivers /vv
  3. Hello, Has anybody been able to get this guide working on 10.9? I had it working well in 10.8.5, but on 10.9, I don't see my custom resolutions in Display Preferences. I know the override is being "read" because when I added a "DisplayProductName" (? forget the exact name) key with a test string, that showed up in System Info. I've enabled HiDPI resolutions and do see one that comes up by default (without me needing to provide an override) in Preferences. SwitchResX shows my custom resolutions and I am able to select my custom HiDPI ones there. If I do that, I am at the right resolution and no resolution shows up as selected in Display Preferences. When I uninstall SwitchResX, it seems to undo the set though. Does anybody know what SwitchResX does to switch resolutions? Or why my custom resolutions don't show up in Display Preferences? Any help appreciated. Thanks, /vv
  4. Hi, pctmac: I just tried installing IATOKS S3V2 on my E6400. I wasn't sure what customizations to choose during install and didn't choose any. The installs completes, but boot fails with a 'You need to restart the computer'. I tried a reinstall and this time chose a couple of familiar sounding options, nvidia drivers etc. - no do. Still the same error on boot. Can you tell me the procedure you used, pls. or direct me to someplace it is mentioned? Specifically, what customizations did you choose, what BIOS options did you need to set if any etc.? Grateful for any help, /vv