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  1. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    Sadly, there has been a lot of time that I spent outside the hackintosh world, can you recommend me any good tutorial for setting up my Sager as I don't remember most of the things?
  2. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    So, did you see my PM?
  3. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    Sent you a PM.
  4. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    So, where can I find your tutorial for Clevo hackintosh? W10 is killing me Is it fully working with 680M SLi (default Nvidia GPU for the P370EM) at least?
  5. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    Yet again, Microsoft ruins it all. Man... Windows 10 design and general look and feel S.U.C.K.S, worse than 8.1! Has hackintosh for NP9370 improved in any way, I mean, is it easier now?
  6. IT FINALLY WORKED! Everything is ok, I think... So, any new hint, tip to get 100% out of the system?
  7. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    Man, with this latest WWDC the dream is on again... How are you doing with your hackintosh? Is it working fine? What did you do?
  8. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    Man... Too much trouble, I think I'll stick with W8.1 Pro for now...
  9. Did you just followed the guide and it's working (besides touchpad and wifi)?
  10. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    I'm from Brazil. The problem here is that I use this computer for university works, I can't mess with it, and I don't have experience with Hackintosh.
  11. Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    I'm back to the topic, 1 year later, I'm currently using W8.1 Enterprise, but the OS X dream is still here, anyone could give me a help?
  12. Did you use myHack 3.2 BETA 8 or the new one?