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  1. Alright, i have installed iATKOS S3 V2 on this laptop day ago, now it was my first time to boot, it failed, it comes to apple logo, loads up, gives me a fuzzy screen. I tried with -v GraphicsEnabler=No and so on. Nothing. Then i set my SATA option from IDE to ACHI, and guess what? Kernel panic. Next i tried it with -v and GraphicsEnabler=No and Cpus=2. Gives me the fuzzy screen. Here is my specs: Intel pentium T4500 @ 2.30ghz ATI Mobility Radeon 560v (AKA 4650) 4 gigabytes of DDR3 memory. 500gb hdd (in a case, not inside.) Any help would be awesome.
  2. iATKOS S3 V2 on HP DC7600

    Bumping this a bit.. Going to install iATKOS s3 v2 to my HP again, i have tried two dvd's. (a bit older ones) (Downloading iso now. (shhhh)) and on first DVD: DVD 1: boot up on verbose mode, shuts down with errors. DVD 2: EBIOS Read error -.-
  3. No keyboard detected?

    Nevermind, i just disabled USB legacy support. Works now
  4. No keyboard detected?

    Hello, i installed Mac OS X (JaS 10.4.6) to my Acer Travelmate 240 (Yeah, its {censored}). I rebooted it, it started,sound works, but i can't get started because of "Please connect your keyboard" message Help me fast 8-)
  5. [FI] Suomalaisia?

    Eipä alt + 2 toiminut. Tämä on normaali näppäimistö, HP:n joku. Ei ole USB näppis, ei ole applen näppistä: ( Applen maksaa melko paljon näppäimiksöksi. Laitoin Finnish Extended. Toimii ihan OK mutta sitä miukumaukua ei tule.
  6. [FI] Suomalaisia?

    Hei, Onko täällä ketään suomalaista, joka myös rakentelee hackintosheja? Itse olen Suomesta, HP:n Dc7600 pyörittää 10.6.2 systeemiä. Miten saan @ merkin norminäppäimistöllä? Ei toimi nimittäin. Ja onko mitään suomalaista Mac OS X Hackintosh versiota jostain? Ja muutenkin, suomalainen aihe on hyvä ENGLISH: Hey, Is there any Finnish people, that does build hackintosh too? (like i) I'm from Finland, HP's DC7600 runs 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard) System. How do i get @ on Hackintosh, using normal keyboard? It doesn't work. And anyways, is there any Finnish Mac OS X Hackintosh version somewhere? And anyways, Finnish thread is good
  7. iATKOS S3 V2 on HP DC7600

    Just figured out, its ALC260.
  8. Need Help: Cant Even Boot iAtkos on ASUS X42Jr

    Well, those i know are SnowOSX UniFlash v1.0 (10.6.2) (Intel) SnowOSX Universal v3.6 (10.6.2) (Intel) SnowOSX Universal v3.6A (10.6.2) (Intel&AMD) Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel AMD made by Hazard (10.6.2) (Intel&AMD) iHack Snow x64 (10.6.2) (Intel&AMD)
  9. iATKOS S3 V2 on HP DC7600

    Okey guys. I managed to install Snow Leopard to HP COMPAQ DC7600 (Motherboard = HP 09F0H) Snow Leopard runs great, but sounds wont work Currently writing this from my Snow Leopard. Some details: HP Display: w1907v (used via VGA) (works without drivers) HP Keyboard(PS/2) Works Trust mouse (USB) Works Broadcom bcm5752 (netxtreme) (Ethernet) DOESNT WORK Wireless: D-LINK DWL-G122 (ver E1) WORKS (with installing all Ralink drivers on customize ) Sounds: Some Realtek HD Something. DOESNT WORK Anybody can help me with sounds? (Could i have made guide of this??)
  10. Introduce yourself

    Hey, sorry for being last on the introducing. Im Mikko, I live at Finland, Jyväskylä. I can speak English, Finnish. Im very geeky (DUHH!!!) Everyone in school says that im a nerd (because i know lot of stuff about the computers). Sometimes helped teacher with her/his PC xD Anyways. Thanks me for posting my 10th post so i can post to other places too
  11. hello :)

    THis thread can be locked now. I got an HP COMPAQ DC7600 for now (as another pc) (I have 3 pc's) . Installed Snow Leopard, and its working fine.
  12. hello :)

    well... Video shows more than few thousand words... CLICK
  13. hello :)

    Hmm. now trying iATKOS v5i (or what its called) First boot without doing anything (automatic apple logo) KERNEL PANIC :S Second boot: Pressing F8 and typing in -v. Installator works but when you try to boot it.. it gets stuck to Apple logo. With -v it gets in kernel that says lastly:"10485 buffer headers and 4096 clusters IO buffer headers." There it gets stuck.. I just wanted to test Apples amazing system ( I LOVE THE KERNEL PANIC :DD) Oh. and the -v thing gets stuck in iATKOS V7 too. Help asap? ( AS SOON AS POSSIBLE )
  14. Need Help: Cant Even Boot iAtkos on ASUS X42Jr

    Have you tried iATKOS other versions? (i5, v7 or so on) iATKOS v7 has 10.5.8. Try it. Im a newbie and i try to help
  15. hello :)

    I got keyboard and touchpad working. I disabled USB Legacy Support from BIOS. Still, when I have installed it. When I press enter, it will get stuck to apple logo. When i try to boot it with -v, it will say "loading something disk cylinder..." and it gets stuck there.