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  1. Avid Machine ID

    to mr XlR...or to anybody tha could help me.. my ethernet is ok,and it is eno,i midified the file com.apple.boot.plist and the path is hdd extra folder,with2 ways,the first was copy paste the :<key>EthernetBuiltIn</key> <string>Yes</string> AND NOTHING,AND THE OTHER WAY WAS WITH OSX TOOL,WENT TO ETHERNET AND SAVE IT LIKE AS XML,AND COPY AND PASTE FROM THE ETHERNET.PLIST TO COM.APPLE.BOOT.PLIST.and again nothing,avid machine machine id is blank,and in the system prifile,network-ethernet i see many information of my connection.i'am working a short film, and install windows 7 with media composer 5 and it;s working,but i don't like windows,can anybody help me, it;s my fisrt time here iam new.
  2. Avid Machine ID

    sory for my english..could you tell me if this file com.apple.boot.plist is correct,avid machine id is still blank! the path of this file is:snow leopard hdd extra folder 001.tiff this file is com.apple.boot.plist and the path is :hdd extra folder. is this correct,i copy and paste the ethernet bulid from forum, it's not correct??? i also open with osx tool and save as xml the ethernet copy it and paste it file com.apple.boot.plist nothing again.. can annyone help me??? 001.tiff