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  1. Blue screen on leopard reboot

    Ok so now I'm back to the blue screen. Here's the verbose output. I missed the very end when it says something like: Starting login window Starting mDNSResponder both successful Any ideas? IMG1 IMG2 IMG3
  2. Blue screen on leopard reboot

    Let me explain how did I proceed. Started installation from Tiger as an upgrade. Rebooted, waited for the DVD checksum (which was correct) and proceeded with installation It went smooth, I have the logs saved in the computer bu I cant access it right now since its not booting. So after it rebooted for the first time I got stuck at the blue window right before login window. It has a mouse pointer, and bluetooth mouse works. Safe mode sticks at the same screen. Single user mode works. I cant post verbose mode output anymore because I think I've rebooted so much that the system got broken. Now it doesnt even get to the blue screen anymore. I have a video though, barely readable. I'll reinstall leopard still as an upgrade and see what happens. I'm not sure what the archive mode means, if I lose my installed apps and things like that, so if someone could point it out that'd be great. By the way, I think that this blue screen issue has something to do with uncompatible applications, probably parallels or Missing Sync 4WM
  3. Blue screen on leopard reboot

    Thx for the advice Cutwolf but i dont wanna go that way, I want a simple upgrade. I`ll post later the -v results, just when i get a decebt camera. Thanks
  4. Blue screen on leopard reboot

    Cutwolf I have installed it as upgrade. So where exactly would I find this option? Thanks
  5. Blue screen on leopard reboot

    Single user mode works. I have no camera to shoot whats going on right now, so tomorrow I'll post the details.
  6. Blue screen on leopard reboot

    I'm on the same situation with my Macbook Z0DU
  7. Leopard hangs at bluescreen

    I have the same problem using the final release. Any ideas? Macbook 2.16Ghz 2GB 160GB upgrading from 10.4.10
  8. platform=X86PC Broken?

    Some pcs doesn't boot with regular ACPI drivers (like mine). x86pc disables the ACPI function/support. It solved my bootig issue.
  9. Triple boot

    I did something like that, but much more simple, using lilo and some partitions. My first hd keeps windows. The second has the mac os and linux partiotion. I've installed linux bootloader to its partition instead of mbr, because mac os x boot loader is in MBR. Then I changed the active (bootable) flag to the linux partiotion. I configured LILO (/etc/lilo.conf) to boot the "other" systems, wich is windows and osx and all went perfectly. When I choose mac, it goes to darwin wich shows me the linux and the mac os x partition. I choose mac and i'm done. More info ask me, but lilo is far away the best bootloader.
  10. platform=X86PC Broken?

    Yeah, many people cannot boot release 1, because of that. I think x86pc drivers were removed.
  11. x86 Xbench Results Thread

    P4 2.4Ghz 400 FSB 512MB RAM DDR2100 ATI 9000 PRO 128MB The hd it is installed is 8GB UDMA66!!!!! results below. AceXbench.txt
  12. Cmedia 8738

    Posting from Mac OS X with sound loaded, which means it totally solved the problem! Thx for the great job man!
  13. Cmedia 8738

    Sorry I'm late! I'll try the new version now and see if the problem with hydrasworld was the same as mine. Post back in a few...
  14. Cmedia 8738

    Odd situation here: If I load the kext, usb, ethernet and everything stops working. But sound does. I unloaded it and all went back. When rebooting after the script instalation, it shows up a lot of quick load stuff, its unreadable. Asus p4b533 (i845) CMI 8738 What is the problem with this kext and the rest of the system?
  15. boot hangs: display module error

    I've checked phenix release, it is just too much work for nothing. Deadmoos instalation is much easier, so I'll stick with it. But this error is just driving me crazy. I can't try any different hardware... I've seen other posts arround with the same situation. This is getting big. People should try helping us on it