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  1. got it to boot on Gigabit z68xp with I7 and 16 gb ram... but desktop won't run... Video is a 550ti... works on ElCaptian but crazy on High Sierra... used Clover and Chameleon two different times from USB and same result..
  2. thought of that.. but no wireless.... all wired on this machine... thats what is so weird...... the rest of it is flawless.....
  3. Mobo.. is Ga Ep45 gigabit Nvidia.. with Dual Dell screens at 1600x1050 res on both Qe running 8gb of ram.. Intel Core duo 2.66 and 3 sata drives 1tb each 1 dvd sata drive Have had zero trouble stable had a few network things to work around.. but other than that a Pure Vanalla install from the Factory disk.. with sound, net and video ,,, all working perfect...Sleep is also perfect... shake the mouse and its right back... I will hold here for a while as 10.6.3 has a kernel redo. and I will tackle it later.... med
  4. Intall went well have Nvidia Dual card running with great res on both screens.. and sound is wonderful and network is fast... all well.... with all programs.. even Final Cut Pro.... but weird network stuff.. for example Airport only sees the Airport Base Station and not the airport wireless. stuff... so I cant stream music off of itunes... ect... no wireless printers..... but if its wired its good.. but wireless is wierd.... here is the kicker.. if I boot off the other drive with Leopard 10.5.6 then all is perfect...... with Airport and wireless.... same board.. same vanalla installs and same hard ware..... Im lost on this one. med
  5. Med

    Imovie and Final

    I have the freezes.. in Imovie... I can capture video and see it in clips but that is all cant move it.. or do anything with it....also Final Cut 5.1 will stop before it boots with a bootstrap-Port error... what in the world is that....... the other parts run great ..Dvd pro. and compression and Live type and Motion... K8tneo.. 64Amd 3700 Nvidia card with nvdriver108 and 2gb of ram.... the rest of the world runs perfect.. med