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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    i tried the vga port with Lion and it works fine, once i connected the vga, i went to display preferences and clicked detect displays and it showed up. Oh i did not know that iMessagebeta will stop working, too bad. hope they keep it. Lion just works snappier for my 1201N, not sure why. Youtube works fine now. Netflix and comcast on demand still has audio problems. not sure what happened but before i switched to ML i know netflix was flawless.
  2. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    ok, i downloaded champlist and modified the smbios.plist and regenerated a new serial. now FAcetime works yehey!, i downloaded iMessagesBeta also and it works like a charm. its almost like ML now. thanks
  3. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    so I reverted back to Lion, it just seems for my case Lion is snappier than ML although ML is cool. ICloud and MAS works fine but Facetime is not working, i cannot log in , the wheel just keeps on spinning until it times out. I tried biirds fix but that did not work for me. any help is appreciated. thanks
  4. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    thanks for the BT toggle, netflix audio still a no go. if i use my bluetooth headset i can hear audio but it is not sync with the video, the audio is delayed youtube is still sluggish:(
  5. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Did you do anything special to fix YouTube video or was your YouTube fine even before? I'm wondering why YouTube video struggles and Netflix does not(although no audio). And streaming other videos is fine. Thanks
  6. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Great can't wait to test it tonight. Thanks a lot!
  7. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi raynn, i pm you about my UUID. I'm bummed a little bit with ML, even though i only ran Lion 10.7.5 for about a day, everything works including disabling and enabling the FN keys for bluetooth, and screen toggle mode F7 F8 F9. the sound and brightness works fine aswell. the only thing i noticed was there was some noise when i connected it to the tv via hdmi. the noise dissappeared on ML which was the plus side. so just to make sure, when you checked the smbiost and dsdt, they are identical to yours right? I dont know how those works and totally dependent on wizards like you i can see my ram at 4gb when check about this mac. what will happen if my dsdt is for 2gb and my system has 4gb? will it even booth? my geek bench (64bit) score right now is about 1825 in ML 10.8.2, it was 1835 on Lion 10.7.5. In Lion, i did not see any sluggishness in youtube and netflix sound was fine too. im wondering if the kexts for Lion can be used for ML? like copy and replace them? im just guessing ofcourse. im using the 9 cell battery and it gives me about 4 hours give or take. i never clocked it when it was on windows, i bought this used and wiped out the drive the second i got it. so you cannot access icloud, FaceTime or imessage at all? i used your instructions and files on 10.8 and even though i booted from the usb at the initial setup, i instantly was able to connect to icloud when it asked me. the wierd thing was on Lion i was able to access icloud after i used a different chameleon boot loader. but i had no success with FaceTime though. fyi, the only way i was able to boot to my hdd is by using mtek's version of chameleon. if i used the one you have, my hard drive just keeps on rebooting. i am not sure if that will fix your icloud problem if you try to use a different chameleon bootloader. when i receive my 32gb usb stick by the end of the week, i will Clone my drive and will try to reload Lion and see which one performs better. i really like ML especially for all the pain i have to go through getting it to work, but it seems to run a tad slower than when it was on lion. trying to do some coding on xcode but using the simulator retina mode is still slow, i was hoping it was going to be snappy but i guess that's all it can do. keep me posted thanks. update: i did try connecting the ethernet cable and rebooting. the ethernet port does work if you connect it before booting.
  8. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi raynn, 1. just checked again iMessage, iCloud and FaceTime works. 2. i attached the dsdt and smbios file below. 3. i dont know how to check UUID. 4. we have the same problem, it does say connected even though it is disconnected, if i do connect the ethernet cable, it gives me the wrong ip address. do you see youtube video being sluggish? and playing chess even though it animates it seems sluggish too. thanks Archive.zip
  9. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Hi raynn, The Bluetooth works it's just the toggle switch (Fn + F2) that doesn't work along with Fn+ F6 F7 F8 toggles for the screen mode. They were working fine on Lion. 1. IMessage was working even on 10.8 and FT and IC. 2. I thought I was using your smbios and dsdt, I'll post then tonight when I get home. 3.where do I check the UUID? 4. I'll test the Ethernet tonight, I have the same problem on my asus 1005hab I can't connect via Ethernet it gives me the wrong ip address. 5. No I only use ML not dual booting. I'll let u know when I get home. Tnx
  10. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    -Installed the CUDA drivers, not sure what they did but youtube is still sluggish. playing movies though is fine. -Netflix Video is fine but audio does not work with internal speakers. using bluetooth headset works but the sound is delayed compared to video. -Pandora plays fine. ok a few more function keys not working on ML, these were working fine on Lion 10.7.5: (Fn + F2) toggle bluetooth (Fn + F7) toggle main screen off/on (Fn + F8) toggle extended monitor/ clone monitor screen (Fn + F9) not sure what this is. any kexts to fix this ones? thanks
  11. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi Raynn, i finally got it to work. i could not do it in 10.8 so what i did is update to 10.8.2 then used mtek's file to update and Eureka it finally worked. after 4 days of struggle from trying to install OS X Lion then OS X ML finally i got it to work. thanks to You and Mtek, i will write my steps just to have another variant of the instructions just incase someone has the same problem as i do. thanks again!! hi Everyone, just want to share how I was able to install ML on my 1201N. BIG thanks to Raynn and Mtek for helping me with the install and for everyone who worked so hard to make ML work for the 1201N! my specs: 4gb ram 120gb OCZ Vertex 4 SSD The biggest problem i encountered was when trying to install ML, the screen goes completely black and the usb stick just stalls. I was able to make it work using Raynn's files. I was only able to boot from the USB stick on 10.8.0, so what i did was install the 10.8.2 combo update and then use Mtek's files to complete the installation. Everything works right now except for the sound on netflix. ICloud and facetime works. below is my install notes: Asus 1201N Mountain Lion 10.8 Install and 10.8.2 update 1. Use Disk Utility and format USB Stick (8gb min) as MBR Partition Table, Mac OS Journaled, call it USB (use the tutorial for tonyMacX86 ###### 1.5.3 to create the usb install disk). 2. Copy Raynn's files to the root of the usb disk. 3. Rename mach_kernel_atom.10_8_0 to mach_kernel_atom. 4. Boot to the USB disk using -x - v boot flags (press ESC on startup to get to boot options). 5. Install ML as usual. 6. After ML Installation, reboot using the USB Stick still, use terminal to copy the mach_kernel_atom to the root of the HDD and reboot. 7. If you have the same problem as i did wherein the netbook just reboots when trying to boot from the hard drive, use the USB stick to boot to the HDD using mach_kernel_atom -f -v boot flags. 8. Once you are able to boot to ML, finish setting it up then install 10.8.2 combo update BUT DO NOT RESTART yet. 9. use Mtek's files: - replace the 10.8 version of the mach_kernel_atom to the 10.8.2 version. - replace the kexts on Extra\Extension - install Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8.pkg 10. run kext wizard and repair disk permission on disk utility. 11. reboot and enjoy. Raynn's fiels are on post post#723 (page 37) Mtek's files are on post #638 (page 32) hopefully this helps someone else. thanks BTW do you have to install the CUDA driver found in this topic? it was used for Lion but just wondering if it is needed with ML? BTW do you have to install the CUDA driver found in this topic? it was used for Lion but just wondering if it is needed with ML? also how do you fix the bluetooth hotkey (Fn + F2), it does not seem to work anymore, bluetooth devices gets detected but i want to be able to turn bluetooth on and off. thanks BTW do you have to install the CUDA driver found in this topic? it was used for Lion but just wondering if it is needed with ML? youtube is abit sluggish. also how do you fix the bluetooth hotkey (Fn + F2), it does not seem to work anymore, bluetooth devices gets detected but i want to be able to turn bluetooth on and off.
  12. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi i tried editing the plist but it still reboots if i dont use the usb stick to boot ML. what is so special about the usb stick that the install works but if i just try to boot from the HDD it keeps on rebooting? any other bootloaders i can try? thanks
  13. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi raynn, i tried installing chameleon included in your zip file but it just reboots, even if i try to use mach_kernel_atom -f -v. if i start to boot from the usb stick and use the flag mach_kernel_atom -f -v i can boot to Mountain Lion. i still dont have keyboard and trackpad working. which kexts can someone recommend? thanks again for the patience.
  14. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi raynn, i got it booting using mach_kernel_atom -f -v. do i use the chameleon you included? thanks
  15. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hi raynn, im redoing it again, i could not boot to the installed hdd it keeps on rebooting. isnt the org.chameleon.boot.plist in the extra folder you provided?? i'll copy them over again real carefully. will post my result thanks.