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  1. Goce

    Stuck at Apple Screen

    Try to boot with -v option and see what error you will get and post back.
  2. Goce

    Chameleon v2 RC4 and RC5

    Well...with 32bit EFI you can't boot 64bit kernel, so its more then just cosmetics
  3. Goce

    Chameleon v2 RC4 and RC5

    Ah...even with "unknown graphics" everything is working....I'm just anoyed and I'm trying to find solution
  4. Hey guys I have kinda strange issue...when I install Chameleon v2 RC4 I have 64bit EFI but System Profiler says unknown video card for my NVidia GT 240....though everything is working OK. When I install Chameleon V2 RC5 I have 32bit EFI and my Graphic card is recognized. Anyone else have this kind of issue. My hackintosh is installed on Intel P35DP MB Intel 2.4GHz Quad Core 4GB RAM Nvidia GT 240 1GB DDR3