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  1. extending Safari / SIMBL

    Yeah - discovering RSS links is fairly straightforward. Ideally (the part that I do not understand how to do and am hoping for any advice), I want to hook into Safari's discovery of RSS links so that I can then send an Apple Event over to my application indicating the RSS link and title. If this is not possible, then I want to hook into Safari (perhaps with a SIMBL plugin?) and watch all URL requests to use my own code to discover RSS links and then send an Apple Event to my application whenever one a link is discovered. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Bruce
  2. Hi all - I'm writing a simple RSS reading/browsing app. I would like to create some type of extension for Safari that will tell my app anytime a web page has been opened that has an RSS link, so the user can decide to add it to a list of bookmarks. I have each piece of code working and a separate sample app that auto discovers the correct info from a loaded web page. Now the part I have yet to figure out is how to move this tech over into an extension for Safari so the RSS link can get discovered whenever a page is loaded in Safari. Does anybody have a recommendation on how to implement this add on behavior for Safari? sample code or pointers to documentation would be great! I've been poking around a bit to find that SIMBL may be an option - if so - any samples/docs recommended? Thanks! Bruce